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  • crosscourtforehand crosscourtforehand Oct 31, 2012 3:26 PM Flag


    20 June $17.50s sold for $1.05 and 10 June $20s sold for $.65.

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    • That is a good play if you think this is more than a one trick pony. Apple has no loyalty and will move to other providers in a blink. Regardless, today indicates some large dollars think this coming report Monday will light a roman candle.

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      • Where do you move such manufacturing capacity. You don't. Not for a very good reason and it would take substantial effort and risk. This capacity was created well in advance of production with agreements in place before investment was even considered by NTE. You don't build a plant and hope they will come. If they don't come in a few months of the plant being built, the equipment is already being depreciated and you are losing your shirt. You would soon have an obsolete plant.

        This was created because Apple is moving away from Samsung. If their was not conflict with samsung, apple would have never left. You also have to consider, any move of such volume puts Apple at great risk. You just saw a glimpse of what could have happened.... If things didn't go as smoothly, they could have had HUGE shortages of products.... And with a phone/iPad that has a lifespan of months to a year max.... a month or two late is a huge loss for apple......

      • Bob:

        You say Apple has no loyalty? Can you name a supplier that Apple has suddenly & capriciously dropped? I can't think of one. Apple dropped out of the PPC alliance only after years and the inability to come up with mobile G5 processor.

        How long has Apple been with Samsung? FoxConn?

        If NTE can do quality work on time, I think they will be working with Apple for a LONG time.
        Apple is going to be looking to diversify their supplier base away from Samsung & Foxconn. Apple has legal & strategic reasons to diversify from Samsung. FoxConn has public relations nightmares...

        NTE is a "clean" company that is well run with a strong, conservative balance sheet.

        On Monday, we will know a lot more.

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