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  • wonkko wonkko Nov 1, 2012 6:37 PM Flag


    Replacing OVTI was like replacing a piece of paper. A file on a disk. They didn't even manufacture their product which made it even easier. If OVTI lost, it was becasue of performance issues and nothing else. Cost of those products is pennies and OVTI would not drop the contract on cost. If I recall correctly on something I read long ago, I think OVTI's sensor was too thick and didn't fit in the new iPhone chassis. If I waqs wrong, then it drawed too much power.... or was noiser.... whatever.....

    Replacing NTE is replacing thousands of employees, QA programs, hundreds of $$ of leading edge manufacturing equiptment and risk of the new manufacturer screwing up. And this spare capacity doesn't even exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try replacing Foxcon. Only 1 million employees...... I am shure their is a Foxcon 2 buildings sitting empty... bidding on every new iPhone hoping they win the contract..... While they are waiting, they are doing QA training for years on end...... So you tell me their is no difference when trying to replace thousands of qualifed employees to a company who has a design on a disk (to other companies who also have a file on a disk which probably has better performance)???.