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  • profit_seekr profit_seekr Nov 26, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

    Falling Every Day

    how's that prediction working for you? Did you short or just talk? If you want to cover, I'm willing to give up several 100 shares at $16.88.

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    • You are about 3 weeks late. Do you actually think one shorts a stock on a dip, correction or pull- back and then keeps it? Everyone who shorted this stock last month at $15 covered it already at 13. If I remember correctly it went from about 15.30 down to 12.92. The first day it closed green I think it did so around 13.10. So that would be the sign to start covering or buying back. I have never put down NTE but one should take advantage of a pull-back. So actually I did quite well on the prediction, thank you.