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  • thomfcrawf2002c thomfcrawf2002c Nov 14, 2012 10:28 PM Flag

    Time to cover?

    "Who would short a stock now knowing it is going higher in the near future"? So you're saying a YEAR from now is the NEAR future? You short stocks and keep them for a year???? A guy shorts a stock at 15 and covers it a 13 in two weeks he's made good money, PERIOD. Then you say you plan on buying this in the 12's, that's exactly what I wrote except I said it several days ago when this was still 15. I always wondered where the Motley Fool got their clients from.

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    • I said we go down more, but everyone is so mean because English is not my first language. You are all so racial.
      I am core long, but short for now, not trim pubes like Wonkko suggest.
      When at $12, I get very long, and sleep with koo, but he doesn't get long without Viagra, because he is old man.
      At $12, I love you long time. Also fiscal cliff makes stock drop because of big tax on dividends. Obama, Yuchi.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • thom, you tell Wonkkor. He is so mean and so proud and he steals all his ideas from you andgivesyouno credit. I am very proud of you, and not of him.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Now I will leave you to yourselves. And you all can all shake in your boots again when seeking alpha writes an artical and you don't know what to to because you can't think or #$%$ anything for yourselves.

      Adios for good!

    • Does he always babble and rant like that? At least his postings offer a laugh and some comic benefit.

    • I left this board in Aug when people like you started to show up. people who have no logic in investing. people who show up after the easy money has been made. I gave you FACTS. You have giving me nothing but investing on hope and ignoring fundamentals. I trimmed holdings. And I buy back some, but not all that I sold... I manage risk. This stock was a slam dunk in June. Now it's more of a free throw. You have to manage risk. Something you have no idea about. And I would never copy you. Why whould I want to. Might as well just go buy a lotto ticket. To bad you were not here to copy me in june when it was in the 4's.

      And who cares about 1 year with this stock. I don't care about what you said. Next catalyst is next earnings report or sooner.

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