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  • sales first qtr 94, secs qtr 111m, third qtr 380, oct. and dec exceeded 415m is that correct

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    • 94m, 205m, 380m, so 4th quarter will exceed 321m. The only thing we learned from the press release is that the 4th quarter is not going to be a surprise disaster of some kind. We knew sales were going to be 400m or better. How much better? Even Nam Tai doesn't know yet, because of issues like yield, availability of raw materials, and or course customer demand which they have indicated can vary by 100%.

      I think the people expecting $1.00 a share this quarter are maybe a little optimistic, 70 cents seems more reasonable to me. Nevertheless to have a company go from a 2 cent loss to 21 cents to 54 cents to 70 cents in a one year is obviously extraordinary. That means *assuming* things continue to progress as they expect, Nam Tai should make $3.00 a share or more next year on $2 billion in sales. Somewhere in here Wall Street should begin to notice. We have a pretty good chance to double the stock and double the dividend next year.

    • sales 1st qtr 94m, sec qtr 111m third qtr 380m,oct and nov over 415m , est for dec 250m . this will total 1250b for the year

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