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  • bobforaps bobforaps Dec 3, 2012 11:26 AM Flag

    Investor relations

    What NTE just performed is notable as an example of how to excel at investor relations. They essentially just provided an interim update and confirmation that the revenue increases established since Q2 are continuing on pace through the first two months of Q4. This is all legal and above board. All disclaimers were issued and achieving a record level of sales is a perfect reason to provide this announcement. Now some here are having a little trouble with the math and making some absurd opinions about profits and sales. Just know that all is proceeding as management guided.

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    • For some reason,. I cannot post this as a new topic

      Apple Has 'Dramatically Improved' iPhone 5 Supply

      Apple (AAPL) appears to have worked out the kinks in its production of the iPhone 5 and now has a "dramatically improved supply" of its sixth-generation Smartphone, Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley said Monday.

      "Our November channel checks indicated very strong sales of the iPhone 5 at AT&T (T), Verizon and Sprint (S), and also in international markets, with dramatically improved supply," Walkley wrote in a research note. "Given these checks combined with Apple's strong plans for an iPhone 5 ramp to 240 carriers in 100 countries by year-end, including China on Dec. 14, we have slightly increased our above-consensus December quarter iPhone estimates."

      The research firm's November retail channel checks also indicated strong sales of the older model iPhone 4 and 4S, "with the iPhone 4 sold out at many stores."

      Walkley increased his December-quarter iPhone SALES ESTIMATES TO 47.5 million units from 45 million. But he lowered his March quarter estimate to 46 million from 47.5 million.

      Given his forecast for better-than-expected iPhone sales this quarter, Walkley says Apple's December-quarter gross profit margin guidance of 36% could prove to be conservative. He is modeling 38.7% gross margin this quarter.

      Walkley has a buy rating on Apple stock with a price target of 800. Apple shares were up a fraction, near 590, in afternoon trading Monday.

      Demand is looking very good, original forecasts FOR 2013 was for 160 million IPhone 5's, this estimate will be increased soon.

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    • When I suggested some here are having trouble with the math I had no idea how far out some of these posts are from reality. Look, there are market makers required to settle down extreme runs in any stock. They are at work here now. No share price can be allowed to run straight up even if the improvements in performance may call for that. Someone will soon release some negative speculation to try and hold this into a reasonable gain for the year. Remember, even with the efforts to hold this down it has already tripled in 6 months. That alone will inspire some shorting.

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      • I have never heard of market makers being required to "settle down stocks".

        I thought their only obligation was to make an orderly market. That would be minute to minute, hour to hour, perhaps day to day.

        If they were required to "settle down stocks" where were they during the internet bubble? Where are they on Amazon, Whole Foods, Chipotle Grill, and dozens of other names? Those certainly haven't been settled down.

        Some of the numbers here are higher than others. It is still too soon to tell.

        Six months, ago, NOBODY was forecasting that NTE would have the revenue/sales that it does today. Not even the most optimistic among us.

        I think with some further expansion, it is possible for NTE to be earning close to $1/share per quarter.

        There are just too many unknown variables at this point.

        We'll see...

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