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  • gnrlowners gnrlowners Dec 18, 2012 1:25 PM Flag

    For people who think Nam Tai's financials are not honest....

    "Jesper Madsen, manager of Asian income mutual funds for Matthews International Capital Management, stated in an interview that of the Chinese companies paying a dividend, none has been a fraud."

    I've checked on this, and Madsen is right. There is *no* evidence of financial fraud from dividend paying Chinese companies like Nam Tai. You cannot pretend to send someone a check, it's real money.

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    • I may be over $10 per share dividend on my first shares in this company.

    • The chances that NTE is involved with fraud are maybe 1%, probably less.

      NTE has been established for DECADES.

      They have paid a dividend for YEARS & YEARS, a substantial dividend, not token payments.

      They recently INCREASED the dividend.

      They have virtually NO DEBT. They are not floating more shares, nor are they floating debt.

      They are NYSE listed.

      They have long established relations with INTERNATIONAL customers.

      They produce a TANGIBLE product.
      Anything is possible...but this just does not have the trappings of being a fraud.

      Frauds are designed to TAKE money from people, NOT give it back. A fraud would issuing more stock, floating debt, NOT paying dividends...

      I just don't see it...

      Any proof?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy