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  • gnrlowners gnrlowners Dec 31, 2012 1:43 PM Flag

    If I had to put all my money in one stock...

    If I had to pull all my money in one stock, it would be Nam Tai by a mile. Do you see stocks with this kind of growth potential? Frequently. Do you see stocks that represent this kind of value? All the time. Do you see stocks that are spinning off significant cash flow? For sure. Do you see stocks paying a 4% plus dividend? Absolutely. Do you see all of those though in one stock? Yeah, in Nam Tai and in virtually nothing else. Though it more than doubled this year, I will be flabbergasted if it doesn't double again next year, at least.

    A fascinating thing. Take a company like Diamond Foods. Their market cap is 1/2 of Nam Tai's, yet 8 analysts provide earnings estimates. Nam Tai? None. When that changes next year, then we'll see something.

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    • Diamond Foods is a special case you know. Before their accounting fraund over walnuts was disclosed, the company was worth as much $2 billion or so last year.

      However I think if NTE was a US company and not a Chinese one, there would be at least a few analysts covering the stock now. Before there was a handful of analysts like Jefferies and Collin Stewart covering NTE before the economy tanked in 08-09.

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      • I generally agree with what is being said about NTE. The only thing I wouldn't like is putting all my money in one stock...

        NTE doesn't have any analysts following them as they haven't been in the capital markets for YEARS.

        Think about it from the analysts perspective....They aren't getting any business from NTE, no fees, no secondary stock offerings, no bond sales, no borrowed money, etc.

        What is an analyst going to tell us that we don't already know?

        I think the big moves will come after the next earnings announcement. Another big move will come when NTE has sold the Shenzen property. Another big move will come with increasing dividend OR announcing a special dividend.

        I agree that there is a high likelihood that NTE will at least double in 2013. I'm not the only one who thinks this. Look at the premiums being realized for the June 2013 20 calls.

        Any thoughts?

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    • I agree with what your saying, but please don't use the name Diamond Foods in the same sentence as Nam Tai.

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