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  • hageneriksson hageneriksson Jan 18, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    Thank you Mr. Market

    those who were happy about the "gift" on Monday are already underwater big time. So far I've been proven right here.

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    • You may be proven right after all, Hagen, but they say the road to the poor house is paved with gold from people who tried to make a living predicting the short term movements of the stock market.

      I suspect we'll see a good bump on Monday, but I'm much more confident we'll see $20 some time this year regardless what happens in the short term.

    • Impossible to be right/wrong in such a short time frame and when day traders who don't know anything about a company take over.

      If you believe in Smartphones/tablets, and that NTE is is hooked up with Sharp and Japan Display and they produce the bet displays on this planet, then you may go from short term right to longer term wrong in a hurry.

      Most investores who get a pullback but still believe in a company and sell with intention to buy back still don't buy back and then kick themselves for not doing so. If you still intend in buying back, set a price, and do it.