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  • muddy_rivers muddy_rivers Jan 14, 2013 9:36 PM Flag

    If you think today was bad you've seen nothing yet ...

    It looks like the word is starting to get out this is nothing but a Chinese pump and dump. Keep on pumping your fake "Scam Tai" contract with Apple. This is a classic penny stock pumping tactic. The company and insiders pays people to spread false rumors about the company having a huge new contract or deal with some big company like Apple, Google, Facebook or whatever.

    But the company never acknowledges the rumors themselves. Rather they say things like we can't comment on that or we can't disclose our partners. Have you seen a picture of any Nam Tai parts inside an Apple product? Have you seen any footage of them assembling Apple products? Has the company ever acknowledged having a contract with Apple?

    The pump phase is over already. But you can still profit from the dump.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Do you even read what you write??? Does anything you write make sense to you? It is beyond idiotic. I hope it doesn't. That would make you not just an idiot, it would make you insane.

      Kretloc. 1+1 = 6. That is not correct. Just wnat to point that out to you. You probably missed that. please stop investing. You need help. Invest in index funds. That is the best advice anybody can give you.

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      • You sound like one of those bagholders who will hold on to Chinese scams till the end even after they are delisted hoping the stock will recover. Even when the stock is trading for a few pennies they refuse to admit they've been duped.

        I've done very well shorting Chinese scams and overhyped stocks. So i'll think I will just continue to do the same. My NTE shorts from the 14's and 15's is paying off already.

        The mistake most investors make with Chinese stocks is assuming the company is legit until proven other wise. That is wrong and you have to assume they are guilty of fraud until proven innocent. This is because the Chinese culture is different. A lot of Chinese people see nothing wrong with hurting and scamming others to make a quick buck. The poisonous baby formula, poisonous pet food, lead tainted toys, and all the harmful products that come out of China should tell you something about the morals of a lot of Chinese business people.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Why do you care so much?

      Is someone paying you to continuously post on this board?

    • Why do you care so much?

      Is someone paying you to continuously post on this board?

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