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  • koyak23 koyak23 Jan 31, 2013 8:27 AM Flag

    Land and products


    I communicated with investor relations yesterday regarding the land value. I was told that NTE has not fixed a specific value and that their value analysis is not complete. They did say,however, that they believe the value to be "substantial".

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    • According to NTE's 20-F filing, only the government and peasant cooperatives can own land in China.
      This 3 million square feet and all the other land on NTE's books are held b 50 year leases

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • All land is leased for 50 year terms in China. At the end of 50 years, you renew your lease. In a sense, you basically "own the land" as far as value goes, but technically it is leased. Land changing hands in the $200 to $500 per sq foot ranges is all leased.

        Technically, China could refuse renewal of your leases I suppose, but if that ever happened, the entire Chinese economy would impolode as real estate is a huge aspect of the economy. It would make what happened in the USA 4 years ago look like a walk in the park.