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  • jaretwilson jaretwilson Feb 26, 2013 5:48 AM Flag

    ipad panel shipments

    According to digitimes, LG Display shipped only 600,000 9.7 inch ipad displays in January, down from 6 million displays in December. The suppliers for the full size ipad are LG Display, Samsung Display, and Sharp, and lately Apple has seemed to be moving away from Samsung. A few months ago LG was said to be receiving 70% of total ipad display orders, but that doesn't seem likely now if it only produced 600k. Of course part of it is that there are lower sales this month, but certainly not 90% lower. I think it's possible that Sharp is gettng more of the business. One reason could be that the change in exchange rates in the yen versus the won has made Japanese suppliers a cheaper alternative. It would of course be good news for Nam Tai if Sharp is getting a larger share..

    Digitimes also speculates that demand will increase in the second quarter for a third quarter launch of the next ipad, which seems likely.

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    • Koo indicated in the CC that cuts in orders would not affect NTE that much. ie the cuts would come at the expense of others (Samsung, LG) who are Apples direct competition.

      Also Sony's new producs are looking really sharp. The Z line is going to sell very well. The new Z tablet is going to take quite a bit of market share from Samsung and also some from Apple. The hardware is top of the line. Nothing even comes close to it in terms of thinness and weight. And it looks nice. When it comes to sales, looks goes a long way.