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  • koyak23 koyak23 Apr 29, 2013 3:45 PM Flag

    I just finished reading the CC transcript

    and once again I am frustrated by Mr. Koo's broken English. Maybe someone can help interpret for me, but here is what I gathered :

    Q1 - 4 million i-phones
    Q2 - 6-8 million i-phones
    Q3- 12 million i-phones

    Negotiations continue with an existing customer with some hope for a positive outcome in May or June and promising negotiations are beginning with a new customer for a new product. Mr. Koo sees himself in the driver's seat and is not going to be bullied into a bad deal.

    Why is he in the driver's seat ? He is very upbeat about the land development prospects and believes he can walk away from any bad deal and the company will still thrive. How many times have you heard Mr. Koo rave about an asset and refer to the company as "very lucky".

    Again, it is very difficult for me to follow Mr. Koo and I am open to being corrected by someone more adept at translating Mr. Koo's English.

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    • I could not understand anything he said and I believe those that asked questions during the cc, out of politeness, gave up on pursuing a direct answer. Maybe the pr firm would indulge we shareholders with a transcript we can understand. Long-term sentiment= confused as can be!

    • Koyak, I agree. It's nearly impossible to understand Koo or even translate his words on paper into discernible english. As a result, the fear-mongers can have a field day bashing with little resistance.

      Certainly this was not good guidance, but it was not nearly as bad as I am reading on this board. Perhaps
      Koo will clarify a few things in the coming days after watching his fortune shrink by 30% today. And Apple will not sit around and let Samsung kick its #$%$ all year again. They will innovate and release some new high volume products this summer and fall, and will need Namtai's #$%$istance in getting the orders filled.