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  • dangiteli dangiteli May 3, 2013 5:28 PM Flag

    Kevin McGarth

    If you have any questions concerning any matters with this stock I highly advise you to call this man. He basically started with the previous quarter and went out as far as the end of September concerning iphones and also discussed the real estate. With the tablets and phones he mentioned, as we know, Mr. Koo will not produce without making a decent profit. We talked for twenty minutes and I was overwhelmed by all the information and the fact that he treated me as if I were a major holder of this stock. He is definitely an asset to Mr. Koo and we stockholders.

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    • Could you give us a general feeling for his prediction on the company's
      future results and the stock price? What does he think will happen with the
      real estate and how soon? Probably better than him getting alot of calls.
      TIA. All the best.

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      • Mike out of all the people that should have talked to Mr. McGarth I would be last in line. I called to convey our feelings about not understanding Mr. Koo's cc and whether he understood the questions. I think he is in a delicate position of not wishing to offend Mr. Koo about his English but also wishing to keep transparency for the stockholders. He did say Mr. Koo understood the questions. As far as iPhone production for April + May three million units and June three million units. For the quarter ending in September 12 million units. There is no further Iphone estimates after the third quarter. He stressed the continuing negotiations with a major player. He mentioned another factory that would continue to make backlights and another component for tablets to continue revenue flow. I did not realize that they go through so many other companies before their product is used. These companies being Sharp, JD, Toshiba, Sony, and the government of Japan.I asked why he thought so many shares were trading hands and he said that the sellers probably had bought the company stock for the LCM products. This led to the real estate where I mentioned it sounded like Mr. Koo needed to jump through many hoops to move this project. Mr. McGarth said quite the contrary the government of China wants this land developed. He mentioned that if the property were sold there would be a sixty percent tax rate, where if they built and leased, the tax ramifications would be much less. To make a long answer even longer it appeared to me that Mr. Koo at this point thinks that there is much less risk with real estate and a lot less potential problems. Many issues concerning employees, pricing, cancellation of contracts, potential contracts, one of which may be finalized at the end of next week, were discussed. He also mentioned a modest dividend would hopefully continue in 2014. There is a whole lot of uncertainty but I am not going to sell. One of you more knowledgeable holders needs to call.

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      • NTE executives have always tended to give pessimistic reports in the conference calls. Possibly they got burned in the past or that is the corporate mentality. On occasion the pessimistic projections have played out , but usually they do not and the company out performs. Possibly you got a more balanced set of projections that can help the rest of us that you can share.

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