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  • koyak23 koyak23 May 14, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    I hate day traders !

    Congress should pass a law that imposes a 5 cent tax on every single buy and sell execution.

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    • actually the stock would possibly trade at half the current price if your suggestions would be applied - short term traders absorbed most of the giant oversupply when the company issued desastrous guidance two weeks ago.

      still long term investors continue to exit the stock here as there investment thesis doesn't apply anymore. With the upcoming cancellation of the dividend for 2014 later this year the bottom should fall out completely as the very last incentive to own the stock will be gone.

      added to short position today

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      • Really ?

        I missed the announcement that the dividend was being cancelled in 2014. Could you provide a link ?

        Long term investors are not exiting the stock. The investment thesis in 2005 has not changed. In fact, the story is better now than it was then. Short term investors may be leaving because the Apple play is in question,but so what ?

        Long term investors continue to make money holding this stock . Unless the long term story changes, I expect we will continue to make money.