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  • financebug2000 financebug2000 May 25, 2013 12:17 PM Flag

    Scenario going forward

    Your humble servant begs that he be allowed to postulate.

    Now the "big boys" take over. They will run the share price to 13. and what will we "little shmucks" do? Sell of course because we are happy to get out by the skin of our teeth after seeing the share price go to 6

    But the big Boys know that Mr. Koo does not take the Company up to $1.59/share just once. No they know Mr. Koo will beat those earnings. How do they know? Because Mr. Koo has shown he will tell his Customers, " I will not give up PROFIT to get extra Revenue."

    Thus the table is set for Mr. Koo to accomplish his strategy of getting greater earnings all the while he is already moving on his real estate Strategy.

    And when the "big boys" buy in even more at 13 they will be expecting in 1-2 years a stock price of 22-26, we little schmucks will again curse our frustration of "GETTING OUT TOO SOON"

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    • Please share with us, "How the company can rescue it's credibility?"

      Would a 2nd qtr. with increased earnings over the 2nd qtr. 2012 do it? No?

      Would the 3rd qtr. earnings exceeding the 3rd qtr. 2012 do it?

      Or are you expecting Mr. Koo to again say some exciting things to restore your investor faith?

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      • I would not presume to give the company advice, nor are they concerned about my investor faith. The company lost over one third of their market cap and share price over a few days. In my humble opinion no price manipulation by the "big boys" is going to cure that. It will take an organic improvement in operating profit to cause the share price to reverse itself long term. I hope that happens and I admire managements stand against Apples ruthless tactics. Weaker companies have been forced to cut margins to maintain the aura of being an Apple supplier to the punishment of their bottom line. However, reducing my exposure here worked for me. I still have a small investment and wish all good luck.

    • Mr. Koo told us some very exciting things the previous quarter that kept many invested with high expectations. Then without warning that all proved untrue and the total focus of the company went from being a high flying Apple supplier to a real estate developer. You may continue to guess what it all means and what the "big boys " may do. I will wait to see how the company can rescue its credibility after that embarrasing and costly about face.