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  • williamszxz williamszxz Nov 4, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

    Dividend cut from 60 cents to 8 cents stinks to high heaven

    I do not know why this stock is not sinking.

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    • whoa paid pumpers and 80 percent dividend cuts

    • It looks like it's sinking now.

    • I will explain it to you. The dividend only players left in droves the last 6 weeks as it was well understood that the dividend was going to be cut. Most of us thought to zero. The company is a strong cash flow generator as they cut margins to win new contracts and retain their business model as the low cost, high quality volume producer of various electronic components and assembly of such items. Frankly, a dividend while nice is not required at this time. What is required is product leadership and a high capacity factory through put. Sales are exceptional and even after a plant closing the company is able to operate their business in a very profitable manner and now there is a bonus of huge real estate holdings that are subject to a profitable development strategy that will generate several billion dollars of value for the share holders. Please note that the company has no debt currently and the value of the assets is going to grow in a substantial manner as the development takes place. This will also add a valuable , diversified income stream to the company down the line. So at some point in the future you may see a dividend again but it is just as likely that management may buy the company back to a private enterprise as the assets are enormous and there is no current debt. Insiders control around 47% of the stock. There are some fools who actually went short here when they should have been buying. Mr.Koo and his highly skilled management team are in the game to make money and I am going to make a lot of money with them. This stock is volatile over the past several quarters but the whole company is evolving into a major cash producing power house. And you are worried about a dividend ?
      really ? This is probably one of the top 50 opportunities in the market place today and you can still own it for below $10 a share. And you are worried about $0.60 a share dividend ? Go buy a REIT then or a drip plan on JNJ or something like that. Good luck