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  • whoadaddy11 whoadaddy11 Sep 29, 2011 11:44 AM Flag

    Insider selling...

    Herring sells 2,500 @ 29.30 and Conver sold 16,600 @ 29.14.

    Why ?

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    • Chrmn, President and CEO Conver moved 470,000 shares to the Conver Family Limited Partnership.
      He retains 3,086,392 shares. Ain't it sweet being the absolute boss.

    • """And to think that is the type of guy that invests in AVAV"""

      He was here because he followed you, you twit. Birds of a feather...

      If figures you'd be a OWS supporter. Talk about sick!

    • dear
      Is this the best you can do? It's not me. Please explain how you can bash AVAV management while at the same time investing in IDSY whose management you've called "criminals". You even called for an SEC investigation of the company. Yet you're invested in this POS. How do you explain that, dooshbg? Did you get your financial aid yet for your kids college? Aren't you the same genius who said AVAV is "heading to 20". I'm making a killing with AVAV while you obviously missed the boat. You poor dumb schmuck. I own you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • all of you should google caseyboy2 to see some of the sick sex chat boards he belongs to

      Truly sick. And to think that is the type of guy that invests in AVAV

    • greg:
      dblosr is the same moron who bought IDSY while calling their management "criminals." Let him try to explain that before he starts criticizing AVAV management. He won't because he can't. In the meantime, he missed the boat big time with AVAV. Where's the 20 he predicted? dblosr is one dumb bstd. I own this poor schmuck.

    • The stocks $34 and was higher, had you bought 18 months ago and when the stock was $40 and you didn't sell you greedy. I accumulated a large posn. after the IPO and have held them, however I have also bought and sold another lot of shares as it moves up and down. I keep the original large posn as I truly believe with the solid businesses they have that at some point they will be a takeover target and I don't want to hold NO shares when that happens. There are other choices than day trading or buy/hold. Buy and hold some, trade other shares

    • So the CEO who runs a company that has gone NO WHERE in 4 years since the IPO gets to sell $1M worth of stock EVERY month and that is OK? Let's be clear; he put no money into the company. All the options were given to him by his cronie friends on the BOD. This is exactly what is wrong with America. This guy should be taxed at 90% for screwing over the shareholders. OWS should be outside this guys house for stealing money from employees and shareholders. He is a pig.

      Oh yeah, he sold over $500k worth yesterday.

    • Great post. This is how all public companies should be set up. Kudos to management.

    • As a founder Mr Conver had about 90% of his net worth tied up in the stock, he set-up a sales plan that MANDATES he sell the same # of shares on the SAME date every month, this way if there is any news good or bad and he sells it doesn't look like he sold on "news". It's actually how all executives should have to sell shares, also several of the mgmt. group receives options as part of comp. plan and without selling their income is not very much, thus selling is necessary. So if you want to sell than sell, but get facts right.

    • "change your name to deadstockmonkey"

      ...this coming from the moron who bought HYSR, IDSY, VOXW, and ESCL.
      What a LOSER!

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