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  • cdrzewie cdrzewie Apr 29, 2008 2:25 PM Flag

    Take a step back and think why?

    Why would this company split right before earnings if they knew they would not be able to meet expectations? It almost as if they want the stock to get considerably lower to possibly get bought out... something is up here..

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    • Nothing sinister here. No way they want to be bought out - too proud of what they have built and are still building. They are not interested in Q/Qtr results but long term results measured in years. GAS, Revenue and %rev all up nicely. Earning down because they made heavy investment in the future.
      Couple of years from now you will look back on this as a great buying opportunity.
      Be patient, don't check the stock every day.

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      • Yes sir keep telling them to buy as you will be forced to pull out

      • Take a step back and think why? you would post lies, defamation of charactor, forged numbers, vicious rumors and links that pick up IP addresses on the competitor's bulletin boards 24/7?

        because I have been informed that you are a mjor holder in RBA. My sources through the SEC kept telling me they can't reveal ongoing investigations. Finally after a year's stalemate I went around them. You've basically defrauded 1000's of investors out of millions (while wrecking the competitors stocks)Your word means nothing. You are nothing more than a common thief & a liar

      • I agree that one needs to take a longer range view. RBA is not likely to be bought out. The premium would be to expensive. Listening to the CC it looks like returns this year may be less than the average goal of 15%. At .82 for the year the forward PE at 25 is over 30. That's about average for this stock. Any appreciation from here would be on viewed returns for 2009. The next two quarters will help provide a window on how they are ramping up.

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