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  • steelhorseknight1 steelhorseknight1 Apr 22, 2011 2:22 PM Flag


    My type.
    One of my secretaries looked just like that. Her name was Heather. She was young and married but had a thing for me. I have never once been unfaithful but that tempation was painful. There's more to it but I had to get rid of her after I made it plain I could not go there. I hated doing that but had no choice as it was too weird.
    I had met her husband too and he was a really good guy.

    Wherever I have worked in corporate america I have been respected by my peers. I am a person who can keep a secret and generally give good advice so I have been liked by the guys.
    The women I have had to be careful with and I have had to be disciplined about it.
    Back shortly...

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    • I met my late "husband" (we weren't officially married, but we were together faithfully for many years) at work, and we were actually living together at one point, and nobody in the office knew about it. We both kept the secret for nearly two years. Then we decided to tell a few friends at work so we could socialize with them, and they also kept the secret. We finally "came out" after I left for another job, and I showed up on his arm at the corporate Christmas party. People were amazed that all of those involved managed to keep the secret, but we all did. He was a very honorable man, my late honey. Just a great man, and after he died, it took me years to get to the point where I even wanted to date again.

      Neither one of us were big on marriage, though, as both of our parents were divorced. It was a fear of things/people changing and being trapped, especially on my end. I wanted to travel and be independent, and he was ready to settle down and start a family. I loved him dearly, but we just didn't want the same things at the same time, and I just didn't have that feeling about him that a woman really should have when she considers having kids with a man. My mother advised me on that, and she was right on the money. It's an instictive thing, and it wasn't there for me with him. I'm still not big on marriage, as I've seen very few that I'd want, and my own parents' marriage was so problem-laden. No infidelity, though, but they both had alcohol issues. As I said, they are wonderful people who do love each other, but just cannot be married. Love isn't always enough. Most of the time it isn't. I'm big on monogamy and commitment, but not marriage. Stay because you want to stay, and if you are making each other miserable, fix it or end it. Frankly, I don't think I'll ever get married, but I would like to find a soul mate/best friend with great chemistry and sex. I date sometimes when I meet someone I find interesting, but I am selective, as I basicially do fine on my own and always have. I don't sleep around--never have and never will. If that puts some men off, well, they're not worth my time. As my late honey said when we were dating, "Special things are worth waiting for." He never pressured me to hop in the sack, and when it happened, it was mutual, and it was great. You'd be amazed at how many guys out there just don't want to wait.

      There are alot of single people in my family (never married or divorced), and nearly my entire circle of friends are single or divorced people. One of my oldest friends is a married guy who I've known since he was single, nearly 20 years. We are great buddies, and we used to socialize as couples--him and his wife, and my late honey and me. We were at his wedding, I was at baby showers for both of his kids, and he was there for me when I lost my honey. We've worked together, traveled on business, gone out to lunch/dinner, hung out and watched movies, and there has never been even an inkling of sex there. There just was never that element for us. We were and are just great buddies.

      Wrapping things up here for work pretty soon, and then I'm out of here for the afternoon. It's been a really slow day. I think alot of people I work with took the day off. I know the Euros have today as a holiday.

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      • G'mornin hon. (brushes hair back..kisses her cheek...hands her Starbucks...)

        Song for you but you must go to You Tube and type in: you leave me breathless and click on the first link. It is a Shayne Ward song. His eyes are like mine.
        If you see a bunch of geese flying your on the right one.
        You will like this.

        I am ..alas a romantic.
        Hope you like it and have a really good day.

        ....was listening to this and looking at your picture.
        This is silly what we're doing here but it is fun and I am actually enjoying it. I am enjoying you and you do intrigue me.

        I am trying to find a good likeness of me. There is a public one of me standing next to Vice Prsedent Cheney but I thought you'd wretch. I don't know if it's still out there.

        P.s. Oh yeah. You hit a nerve with the gardening thing. What I was doing yesterday was tilling a 20 by 40 square piece on my property with my manly TroyBilt Tiller. It's like holding onto the horns of an angry male goat for 45 minutes and then raking for anther 45.

        (whispers) Don't tell anyone but I love gardening.

        My property used to be a farm and was designed by me. I have planted over 100 flowering trees. They are also strategically selected for fall foliage too(favorite time of year)

      • I am ready to go postal on these yahoo censors.

        I just wrote you an absolutely beautiful reason to deny and they tossed it.

        That is the third time!

        (snorts smoke, eyes glow red momentarily)
        stupid freakin yahoo dweebs.

        Dinner time here. I will be back later. I want to say what I wrote to you...

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