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  • steelhorseknight1 steelhorseknight1 Apr 22, 2011 12:58 PM Flag


    Did you know I was a biker? Sold my custom RoadKing about a year ago. I am a purist and tried the Harley thing for a while but was never fat enough. It's halloween for adults who are dentists and librarians in real life.

    One of the jobs I had working my way through college was Motorcycle Mechanic.
    I used to pick up and deliver bikes in really tough areas: Newark NJ and surrounding area. The gangs around there new me cause I fixed lots of their bikes so no one ever messed with me. I was good at that.
    You are a creative person. My daughter is very artsy.

    Can you say what you do?

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    • No, I didn't know you were a biker, but I'm not surprised, because I'm terrified of motorcycles (though I had a HUGE crush on The Fonz when I was about 13--my palms would go moist at the first chords of the "Happy Day" theme, "Sunday, Monday, HAPPY DAYS!"). Yet another thing where we're total opposites. lol...

      BTW, see pix of TP @ link below--dead-ringer for me in my early 20's, when she had brown hair, and her eyes look brown in this picture, like mine. I even wore my hair like that. Worked with a guy who told me every day how MUCH I looked like her character Ellen on "Family Ties" and had her mannerisms and personality. If I watch the old reruns and see her, I realize how RIGHT he was. What's funny is that Michael J. Fox's character was a total right-wing conservative (remember the pix of Nixon above his bed?), and she was a total ballet-dancing, artsy liberal. Too funny.

      What is it about fat guys and Harleys? We have 'em out in the foothills here, and when I spot them in the rearview mirror, I can see the rolls of fat hanging off on either side of their bikes (like a pack mule looks). It's like they have to balance the weight or they'll fall over. And they usually travel in packs with other fat guys, and sometimes they'll have really skinny, wrinkly, tatooed chicks with frizzed out long hair hanging on behind them.

      What's that about, anyway?

      Let's just say I drum up business for tech companies--find matches for technology and business at a very technical level. I've been doing it for a long time.

      At an artsy level, I do everything--needlework, flower arranging, miniatures, nature crafts, decoupage. I've sold some of the stuff I've made. Have one store locally that carries my work, and I've had some things I've designed displayed in publications.

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      • My type.
        One of my secretaries looked just like that. Her name was Heather. She was young and married but had a thing for me. I have never once been unfaithful but that tempation was painful. There's more to it but I had to get rid of her after I made it plain I could not go there. I hated doing that but had no choice as it was too weird.
        I had met her husband too and he was a really good guy.

        Wherever I have worked in corporate america I have been respected by my peers. I am a person who can keep a secret and generally give good advice so I have been liked by the guys.
        The women I have had to be careful with and I have had to be disciplined about it.
        Back shortly...

    • I think what I am trying to do is let you know you're attractive and I am not quite the beast you thought I was.
      Very honetly if I wanted to be unfaithful I could have been many times over the past 20 plus years.I never have..not even once. My life is marked by discipline. It is how I have gotten where I am. The net is something of an alter ego. It's new for me and many others. You are correct that it is fantasy to a degree and there are bright lines I cannot cross nor would I want to. I am happily married with three great kids. I have no plans of wrecking that. If the situation were reversed I would not do that to you. If I did want to do that, starting on a chat board would not be the wisest place you agree.
      Please don't hate me for giving you some thoughts and time. I was just engaging you to be attractive and hopefully make you feel the same. I will never cross the line with you or anyone. I have used some clever subterfuge to throw off some voyers. You are right to be skeptical however as I said in an earlier post.......there are some strange folks out there you are wise to be careful. You have no idea who I am and as I said you could be a guy for all I know just enjoying the game. That is a small part...small...of why I have engaged you in the way zi have. I figured I smoke you out. I am one of the normal ones but in here I can sort of throw off those shackles knowing what the limits are.
      M, I am very good at making people feel the way I want with words. It is my art form. You would not be here if that were not so. If you agree to the rules I am ok with it but I will stop right now if I am adding to your misery or making you feel weird. That is exactly the opposite of why I am talking to you. I want to understand you. We are just friends...I get that...that's all. I took the past few days off and it has been miserable here weather wise. Too much time on my hands. It was a nice song though. Did you at least listen?
      Doesn't the daily kos have a chat room? You're out in beautiful CA girl. There are surley lots of guys that would find you irresitable in thought and look. Brunettes stick out in CA do they not? You sure don't need to be wasting your time with some married former adversary who happens to like you if romance were really your end. I swear I am not Brian or whoever.
      Ok? If you do not want to talk I'm ok with it. I do get carried away sometimes. Catch up with you Next week sometime. I am a friend. Really. Test me in this if you like.

    • "It's the perfect "drug" if I'm feeling down or blue, just escape into fantasy or go spar with online foes, and that's not healthy"

      I don't know about that. It can be a huge time waster but I find it is the one place I can speak with people who's views differ markedly from mine without shedding blood. With some anonymity people can say more of what they might without the PC police glaring at you. Yes there are some nutjubs and I get rid of some frustrations by being over the top.
      Everyone goes home at the end of the day an there is little chance of anyone getting really hurt.
      I hate bullies and I sometimes see foes politically or on stocks as bullies. I like to nail them to give them back some of the pain they have caused others. You know my defense of Sarah. She is a lot like my wife even in age and looks. With the glasses on it's scary but my wife has better looks and voice.
      She has been pounded in family and child for no other reason that hate of her faith and economic view. My wife believes what she does as I do so I am ferocious in her defense. At the end of the day though, You and I have one vote each..(laughs) We cancel each other out.
      (reaches out and gives her a nice platonic pat on the head) :)
      I will miss talking to you if that is what you choose B.

    • I have to be honest, I just don't feel right about this. I know you say you are happily married, but if I were your wife and I knew you were posting and flirting with some woman online, I would NOT be happy about it. Would you want your wife to read our posts? If my man spent alot of time online instead of spending it with me, it would bother me immensely. It is filling a need that isn't being met in real life. If this is your alter ego, why not share it with your wife? Might be kind of exciting, you know?

      As you guessed, I'm going through a personal rough patch right now, and I'm vulnerable. When I get depressed, I tend to withdraw and become reclusive, which makes the Internet the perfect drug. I do date and socialize in places where I can meet guys appropriate for me, but when I'm depressed, it takes real effort. I get a lot of guys who are interested in me, but I just don't click with most of them. That's why I've only had a few real relationships in my life, but they've been long ones because there's always been a real connection.

      I don't think you're an axe murderer, just a nice guy maybe trying to fill a personal void out here, just as I am. And I feel guilty because I flirted with YOU, too, and I knew you were married. Very selfish of me, thinking of just my own need for validation, and I am truly sorry for this. I have to keep reminding myself that there are ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS at the other ends of these keyboards, and that out here, words MATTER. Words are the only things that DO matter out here.

      I knew a guy once who was also very religious and happily married, but he put himself into situations with women just to test himself and show he could resist. I am NOT saying this is you--not at all--I am just telling you a story here. He would put himself in these situations, resist, and then feel good and pious because he HAD resisted. He needed that constant affirmation that he could resist. He didn't think at all about the people he was hurting by doing this. And he wasn't a bad person, and he wasn't even aware of what he was doing. But I watched him do it to a friend of mine and then to somebody else.

      Anyway, I'm off to tend my garden and then I'm traveling next week on business. Part of me wants to continue chatting with you because I do like you--probably too much--but part of me KNOWS it's a dead-end and can't lead to anything good, so what's the point?

    • My problem with Sarah is that she 1) is stupid and uninformed 2) pimps her kids to the media and has since she first came into the spotlight 3) tries too hard to be "cute" (my father was the one who pointed this out)

      My thoughts here:

      You don't fly from Alaksa to Texas at 7 or 8 months pregnant at age 44 while pregnant with a special-needs fetus and leaking amniotic fluid. It is FACT that she did this, and she admits to it. She just HAD to make that speech in Texas, Trigg's well-being be d*****.

      You don't drag your special-needs child around like a trophy in front of thousands of strangers, wrecking his routine and sleeping habits.

      You don't lay bare your pregnant daughter's entire personal life to show her getting pregnant isn't your fault (she's going to marry the father). You don't offer to adopt her child to keep it a secret from the media.

      You don't put your youngest daughter (Piper) up in front of a booing hockey crowd in PA and scream, "Vote for Piper's mom!"

      You don't quit your position as governor because it is "too hard" to cash out and write a book, and then expect to EVER be taken seriously again as a political candidate.

      I have to tell ya, I despise Sarah Palin for her selfish, narcissistic ways. Compare her to Michele Bachmann, who also has five kids and has cared for many foster kids. And never ONCE has she used ANY OF THEM for political gain. She has NEVER paraded them before the press. She has NEVER used their personal lives or stories to curry votes. She stands on her OWN TWO FEET politically. I don't agree at all with Bachmann's views, but I can respect her for the way she conducts herself and protects her family.

      BTW, this is why Michele has rocketed WAAAAY of ahead of Palin in the polls. That and she is smarter.

    • Meet me at the stock with the call letters for your other long time handle.

      I will have one more handle but you will find me.

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