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  • steelhorseknight1 steelhorseknight1 Apr 22, 2011 8:53 PM Flag


    ..actually I was just coming out of my douchebag faze then....progressed quickly through the tampon faze to the panty liner faze then to the peanuts nads faze followed by various increasing nut sizes to bowling ball size I maintained for years.

    btw I like your handle.

    I bet it is...really pretty...your smile.

    I wrote this really nice note to you. I will try to remmeber it:
    First. I remember the reaction I had when you told me about your loss. I remember staring at the screen and all my rage disappeared. You were not some flaming lib chick anymore to me. I was disarmed.
    I remember wishing I could ..well...hold you. I felt like such a ...what was the word you used before....
    I wish happiness on you B. Life is too short for you not to share it with someone you can love like crazy and who will love you back the same way. That is my prayer for you (insert your real name here)
    I am sorry for my rage at you. It was not at you persay.

    I of course would have to convert you to my way of thinking were I your lucky guy but here is my sincere appology and the thoughts I.....I feel about your loss you have shared with me:
    (looks down..takes her hand gently....looks her deeply in the eyes with a steady penetrating gaze.....pulls her close and hugs her....a long time.....strokes hair.)
    Nice perfume B. You are hot BTW.
    Thanks for sharing you with me. I am glad you got to know a little bit of the other side of this beast.
    What shall we watch on netflix tonight. I am getting some wine. xxoo

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