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  • steelhorseknight1 steelhorseknight1 Apr 22, 2011 3:17 PM Flag


    I thought a little more boring topic line would keep the neibors happier.

    I was a dirtbiker, mostly road Jap bikes; Jap street bikes later too. When I was a kick boxer , after class, I used to ride past the 7/11 three nights a week and wheely 2 or 3 gears up the boulevard past my friends. What a nutjob.(I would brain my son if he did the same today).
    Lost my license twice for racing in the streets.
    I became a kick boxer because I was beaten up really badly by a gang when I was just 17. These guys were a softball team and drinking after a local game pretty far from where i lived. I was visiting my girlfriend when she had gone to see her father (parents divorced). We had gone for a walk and my girlfriend and I foolishly walked right by these guys on the way to the beach near a lake. One of them burped really loudly and before she could think she called him a slob. We were under the moonlight on the beach just hanging out talking when about 10 minutes later these guys ran up on us. I was sitting on the ground when two came up in front of us. While they distracted me another punched me full force in the face from almost behind me. Fortunately one in the gang knew my girl (who was friends with her cousin) and he was able to get her away to safety. When I stood up I was surrounded by 18 or more twenty-something yearolds. They beat me pretty badly (not completely unconscious) and threw me in the lake. This same kid that rescued my girl yelled at them that he was going to have to pay for this stunt as my girl had told him he had better help me or else. He came back to get me but it was over by then. He pulled me out of the water and made sure I got to her home. We did not call the cops. You didn't do that back then. I was a mess the next day. I think I told my parents I crashed on my dirtbike. I think I weighed 165lbs then. The next week I joined a local karate school and trained with a vengeance. Two years and 25 pounds of muscle heavier I went back to this town alone looking for these guys. Could not find them. Probably a good thing and I had broken up with this girl by then anyway. Her parents were divorced because her father had been raping his oldest daughter. I did not know that at the time. He was a drunk. I have no tolerance for violence against women. I deeply loved her but her family was bizarre
    and it came to an end. I have no idea whatever became of her but she did get married young and had some kids. I broke up with her because she kissed my best friend after a party. She was really sorry about it but I was a prideful jerk. If I could pick one person from my past to be locked in a room with for two days just to talk it would be her.
    If I am boring you tell me. I'm just chating.
    Tell me about your husband.

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    • <<I used to ride past the 7/11 three nights a week and wheely 2 or 3 gears up the boulevard past my friends.>>

      I used to consider guys like you real douchebags. lol

      My late honey was an honorable guy, easy-going, quiet until you got to know him, strong, gentle, creative, responsible, mature, generous almost to a fault, and sarcastic with a wicked and warped wit. Nobody could make me laugh like he could (he used to flash me at work when nobody else was around and we were living together. I'd walk past his office, and he'd whip it out and shake it at me, then zip it back up in a flash). I would burst out laughing, and people would call out, "What's so funny?" "Oh, nothing," I'd say. "I was just remembering a little joke," and I'd wink at him. He was ANYTHING but a little joke. ;-)

      I used to call him the cream in my coffee, as he balanced my intensity, and I added spice to his life and challenged him to focus and be all he could be. He was ex-Air Force, served in Asia and Europe, grew up poor with a single mother who was epileptic. He was raised on welfare when she couldn't work anymore due to her illness. He was the oldest child and basically raised his siblings. Grew up in a horrible neighborhood, but never go into any trouble with the law. Went straight into the military a week after he graduated high school. Was always mechanically inclined and could fix/build anything. Also, very artistic. Excelled at racquet sports and used to play in tournaments. Also skiing. He was very faaaaaaast and nimble on his feet.

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      • Morning B,

        Did you see this?:

        If I had walked in on'd have read about me in the paper the next day.

        It does not matter what color or gender or whatever. This is a human being. I especially hate the cowardice of 2 on 1 and the continuation of the attack. Sick to my stomach over it.
        People need to be aloud to carry. This would stop almost overnight. There is another story in the UK about a father of 4 who intervened to stop a similiar fight. He was hunted down by the thugs and killed after being piston whipped. They chased this guy and cornered him, Then they called for a gun to be brought to the scene and then killed him. The police do not have the time to get there and self-defense is a personal responsibility.
        P.S. How'd you sleep. Date last night?

      • ..actually I was just coming out of my douchebag faze then....progressed quickly through the tampon faze to the panty liner faze then to the peanuts nads faze followed by various increasing nut sizes to bowling ball size I maintained for years.

        btw I like your handle.

        I bet it is...really pretty...your smile.

        I wrote this really nice note to you. I will try to remmeber it:
        First. I remember the reaction I had when you told me about your loss. I remember staring at the screen and all my rage disappeared. You were not some flaming lib chick anymore to me. I was disarmed.
        I remember wishing I could ..well...hold you. I felt like such a ...what was the word you used before....
        I wish happiness on you B. Life is too short for you not to share it with someone you can love like crazy and who will love you back the same way. That is my prayer for you (insert your real name here)
        I am sorry for my rage at you. It was not at you persay.

        I of course would have to convert you to my way of thinking were I your lucky guy but here is my sincere appology and the thoughts I.....I feel about your loss you have shared with me:
        (looks down..takes her hand gently....looks her deeply in the eyes with a steady penetrating gaze.....pulls her close and hugs her....a long time.....strokes hair.)
        Nice perfume B. You are hot BTW.
        Thanks for sharing you with me. I am glad you got to know a little bit of the other side of this beast.
        What shall we watch on netflix tonight. I am getting some wine. xxoo

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