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  • reapreward reapreward Jan 18, 2008 12:37 PM Flag

    Note to RAS Longs

    The only people you should be angry with is those who borrowed more than they could afford to pay (homes) and those who lent it to them and the bankers on wall street who didn't see the danger coming.

    Shorts are simply using rational judgement and imputing public information into its stock prices which is clearly under pressure. Don't blame someone for being right and making money in their positions.

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    • Don't give me that, every time you try to sound knolagable your true ignorance comes out!

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      • Longs, many people like me believe the true demand for RAS and other highly shorted stacks, actually comes/will come from the shorts that have shorted these stocks.

        RAS is fairing relatively well despite all the attacks by bashers etc. another example of a stock that was hugely oversold and holding on is IMH, its actually up today because there is 20MM+ shares shorted that eventually have to be covered, so the shorts are covering albeit slowly.

        When some positive news comes about for the economy then you'll see RAS do more favorably. As long as we hold on to are share and not dump them on the market for these creepy shorts to cover their positions with.

    • No, the people to be angry at are the ones who sold this stock down to one fifth its book value when less than 8% of its assets were impaired. That would be you.


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