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  • nanya_b nanya_b Sep 25, 2008 9:03 PM Flag

    [Politics]GOP rank-and-file consensus forming

    Under relentless pressure from constituents, representative are being bombarded with demands to turn the tables: now that the sharks have bitten themselves in the butt, and blood is in the water, do to them what they have been doing to the small investors and individual consumers for years.

    Hold their feet to the fire til they scream, and make them carry the brunt of the financial burden for the costs of cleaning up the mess.

    Your doggie crapped on my carpet. And you want *ME* to clean it up for you, give him a nummie, pat him on the head, and tell him what a good little pet he is?

    Take them to the cleaners. Wipe out the hedgies and shorts, the junk-bond traders, speculators and arbitrage wizards. Back to fundamental value; buy them a pennies on the dollar, seize whatever real assets remain, and let an independent outside board manage a slow sell-down over time, putting the profits into general revenues ( or paying down some portion of the national debt, as a radical proposition )

    Bite, chew, swallow. Digest. Excrete. Flush. Re-process at waste treatment plant. Release into local water supply. It all ends up at the bottom of the ocean, where the bottom feeders slurp it up, and the litte fish get eaten by the bigger fish who get eaten by...

    And so it goes.

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