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  • AlanS001 AlanS001 Feb 25, 2009 5:23 PM Flag


    The best thing about this stock is that we only have $1.11 downside left. The short's did a great job in contributing to the ruination of this company which began about 2 years ago. I really blame the liars and the cheats that run this operation. They provided the fuel for the fire. Everything they touch has turned to crap including Allesco, Resource, Atlas Co's. I warned people about Danny and Jonathon over a year ago and was accused of age discrimination. What do you think about them now?

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    • 50 more and we're done. I wonder how this stock is going to look in pink. My gut feelings are ten times more accurate than all the number crunching wizzrds, the super analysts and self proclaimed experts. The sad thing about all of this to me is that I am long and hurtin like the rest.

    • For the record...I will not personally attack any one here on this board. I am in favor of everyone making money. I think that is the main reason we are here anyway. I lived in Philadelphia for more years than I want to admit. I did not know personally any member of the Ed and Betsy Cohen family nor did I have any preferential information regarding their operations. I was in a army reserve unit with a now sitting CFO of one of their companies. I last spoke to him long before he became CFO of the company. This is a highly respected couple that was known in certain circles to be very very financially sharp so to speak. It was thought that it might be prudent to hook on to a shooting star. So I did. But like in many families, the kids get to ride the wave of the family successes and in a lot of cases they never knew the hardships of building something and couldn't handle the situations when the going got tough. Thus the ruination of the operation because mom and pop are somewhere out on the Carribean or on an Arizona mountain while the youngins are minding the store. There's so much money there. How could anything go wrong? Look again. I watched several businesses disintegrate when the kids got involved, Maybe here Taberna was not such a good idea. Maybe it was just another case (if I remember the statement correctly)of pissing in the tall weeds with the big dogs. I own RAS long as I have stated. I'm not crying about it. I just feel that this stock is going below 50 cents. Those that think different are kidding themselves or are trying to pump up the stock. I follow Cohen's other operations and unfortunately have money invested. They are all equally down and Allesco has announced a 1 for ten reverse split. That's literally the end. I'm not whining or crying; just stating my humble opinion. I look at one common stock and one only for indication. GE...When I see this one where it is now there is trouble in river city.

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      • Its hitting the fan folks. I have been active here since $1.11 close. I read all these brilliant elaborate posts by obvious brilliant financial minds, some of them with a pretty strong argument that RAS is going higher. You know. Look out shorts, better cover, run for the hills and all that good stuff. You can throw all them numbers out and disregard all the BS on the conference call. My gut feeling says this and a lot others are today higher than they are going to be next week. 84 more cents and my pain is over. I guess the good news is that I will never have to pay cap gains tax ever again in my lifetime.

    • Who's doing better in the mortgage REIT market? I see a fair number of property REITs that are doing better, but most of them are in the toilet too.

      Blaming the results of economic problems on management is mistaken. That doesn't mean management can't be bad, but that's why so many other mortgage REITs are doing worse.

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      • you know another thing that i don't see mentioned is that this company is not going to go bankrupt. look at all the reits that folded last year. RAIT will not be one of them, even with the trups errors the detractors point out.

        RAIT has done reasonably well trying to fix the trups. They mentioned in the cc they still have more to fix in them. Personally, I appreciate them mentioning that they understand the problem areas.

    • When you are in a deflationary environment both lenders and borrowers do poorly. Borrowers because it is more difficult to repay debt, and lenders because they have more defaults. Simple concept.

      Why would you expect a lender, who also is a large borrower, to do well in this environment?

      When/if the federal government is able to break the deflation, then maybe RAS and others will begin to revive.

      BTW apparently many of the European banks have substantial loan losses coming due to loans to Eastern Europe. So the deflation is definitely continuing over in Europe. That may affect the RAS European CDOs.

      Also, with a $1.75 Trillion (twice the size of all individual income taxes paid in 2006), deficit, one might expect borrowing costs for the U.S. government to go up. You might consider shorting long term U.S. Treasuries through an appropriate mutual fund or ETF.

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      • Try TBT for shorting treasuries. As for the financials there is very little that will help. I think that we are in for stagflation. The goverment will force a devaluing of the dollar because of its deficit spending, and misplaced tax increases. These targeted tax increases will take more capital away from those who know how to make money. The huge government borrowing will force higher interest rates at a time when many need lower rates and help to fuel more housing price drops. We are repeating the 1930's. Seems the dems think that this is how to get out of the current problem. The only way our country gets out of the current situation is to cut federal, state and local spending and programs, and reduce taxes on all. Until housing becomes affordable to more than is now the bottom will not be reached. With wages dropping along with housing prices these two will not stop dropping. People and buisness have to rebuild there balance sheets through savings not spending and this will take several years or longer if taxes are raised as proposed. This depression will last longer than the last one and has the possibility of destroying our country because of so much debt we have already accumulated. Lots of luck to all, I should have sold a year ago, but there is always hope that our politicans will wake up and reverse the current coarse though I still see the same cheer leaders giving the ra ra's. I just hope that a war will not be what gets us out of this problem because our world has perfected killing to a greater science than during WW2. The dead in this war will be in the billions.

      • OK, fine. I see your point. But this has been going on for months now. So RAS is in between a rock and a hard place. I now read all kinds of complicated expert analysis concerning their financials, but the smart money has been betting against this company for almost 2 years. This was a $36 stock paying at their peak more than $.60 per qtr. dividend on common stock. I only want to know what makes anyone feel that all of a sudden RAS has hit bottom and is going to rise from here. I don't see it yet I see many buy and strong buy ratings on this stock on this board. I still think its going to break the buck and then like AFN you eventually have to worry about a reverse split. That is the kiss of death.

    • So they learned on everyone else's buck.

      Now that they have knowledge, doesn't it make sense to invest with them now:-)

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      • I don't know. You tell me. I'm sitting with 2500 shares (long) of this diseased company. When it broke 30,(a buy for the divvy)then low 20's (wow-what a steal, 17 dollars a share (buy here and average down), 12, (impossible-going back to mid 20's), below 10 and paying this dividend (you gotta be shi!!in me), 4 bucks a share (no way-did you here the conference call) 2 bucks (something must be wrong with this company-they were just downgraded to underperform. Buy it here? Are you for real? Go to the racetrack with your money. Find a 3 legged horse out at 200-1. You got a better shot. Long-Term Sentiment Disclosure - They need a category that says Use It For Toilet Paper - That's my spin.

    • it will definately be an interesting day tomorrow...

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