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  • dldcocoa dldcocoa Nov 26, 2010 8:16 PM Flag

    Changes in short interest 10/29 to 11/15

    Yes indeedy - a huge jump from a miniscule 4% to almost 6% of the total shares. These bold shorts put out almost $3 million dollars to stake their impressive positions. I'm sure all the really serious shorts who put up 50 times that amount without blinking an eye are really jealous and wishing THEY could get in on such lucrative action.

    Don't you think if this was really a serious shorting stock there would be a much larger position than 6% of the shares? I mean the TOTAL short interest is about $10 million. It's chump change in the serious shorting world and if there was heavy money to be made shorting RAS at this level the shorts would be piling on like jackals and that just is not happening. It's a non-story and these little fish are going to get chomped by the real market soon enough.

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