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  • author902 author902 May 25, 2011 10:55 PM Flag


    Obama (worst case) 52.5 % republican candidate 47.5 %

    paul ryan plan is a disaster. Republicans have lost the independant voters, who will decide the election. Reducing the deficit on the backs of the middle class and the poor, while granting themselves an additional ten percent tax reduction. More gifts for the oil industry. The republicans are through.

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    • Carter was worst president. Obama a close second worst. Bush jr the 3rd worst.

      but obama is going to be re-elected. People know repubs are a one-class party at the expense of the middle class and the poor. When the election rolls around, unemployment will be in the very low 8's and the price of gas will be about 3.50.

      repubs have no message for the independents and middle class except screw you people. They have shown their hand and can not get away from it. Tea party congresspeople all voted for ryan plan, which assures obama's re-election.

      romney has problems because of his high-cost medical program.
      obamacare is a bad idea, but repubs have nothing better, other than giving people a token coupon for medical expenses. People are not stupid and that will be reflected at the polls.

    • The Republicans threw Carter's energy independence plans out the window. What a different and sensible direction we could have taken, but GOP mass denigration of the sane and sensible won out and we have been spiraling down ever since (wages, pensions, health care, affordable housing, jobs, wars, pollution, etc).

    • America has matured as a superpower, and like any past superpower, superpowers fail

      even Warren Buffett has said America's got about another 100 years, it happened to Rome

      America is a place where everyone wants something for nothing

      over-regulated, unionized, hard work is out the window

      government programs, welfare, medicare........all things that have become to big to pay for, yet people still want them

      I'm 39, take my social security and medicare, I don't want it

      captialism and the ability to make money is what inspired early Americans to succeed, Pfizer doesn't make drugs to cure cancer, they make drugs to make money, Ford didn't invent the assembly line to build cars for people, he did it to make money, every society who doesn't have it longs for a capitalistic environment, as we move closer to socialism

      politicians CAN'T do the right thing because they have to get re-elected

      people dog the ultra rich and the rich, let them be rich, it's what funds the non-rofits

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      • I actually got goose bumps when I saw you were only 39...with such insight (already)...You're darned smart to be so young ! So, congratulations...

        Me?...hmmm...pushing 62...I've seen a lot...and lived thru the Carter years..and I think I've got a good perspective on "what works" and "what doesn't". And the path we're on HAS NOT WORKED in past history / past civilizations...going in the wrong direction.

        As for the people who bash Paul Ryan's plan...well, actually it probably does not go far enough...Another thing > if we do the tough choices now, yeah, we'll have a darned good slowdown...maybe even a recession (ala the early Reagan years)...What these bashers fail to realize it that we'll have AN EVEN BIGGER RECESSION later (probably preceeded by a good bout of inflation, ala CARTER), if things are not "fixed" now (but as usual, people have a short term horizon...and want to keep the music playing a bit longer...don't realize IT'S GONNA END badly....people don't want the price to be paid yet...and politicians want to "kick the can", until they can retire...escape the blame.)

        Once again, I salute you for your high economic IQ, (and your grasp of economic history), at such an early age !

      • also, the financial collapse was brought about by housing, end of story

        the idea that 0 down no credit everyone needs to own a house was just silly, and we are paying for it now

        do a google search for fannie mae, community reinvestment act (CRA) and read to your hearts content

        the left AND the right are to blame for the financial collapse, end of story

    • That would be like (as if) Jimmy Carter was given a 2nd term...and I have to wonder how that would have played out? (he was the worst President I ever saw, before Obama came along...Bush would wind up 3rd worst. That's my ranking)

      If OBAMA wins, I'll not be as optimistic on this economy...i.e. with more "pushes" toward unionism / using taxpayer money to support the underfunded union pension systems / less free, more regulated capital system...and very little regard for debts / deficits...and no "tackling" of the $60+ Trillion in underfunded liabilities...just "kick the can down the road"....not to mention a further destruction of the DOLLAR...So, if he got re-elected (?)...I think I'd have to get a good position into gold...I think you'd see some pretty bad inflation...and then...the eventual CRASH of the system...IMO.

    • I beg to differ with you on the ridiculous poll results.
      If DumbO doesn't get the Economy [stupid]
      he might as well start packing his bags right now.

      As an American citizen living with higher costs for EVERYTHING,
      but not a higher paycheck, I am inclined to vote OUT every money grubbing POS [POL]
      in Washington. DumbO first!

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