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  • hawaii_5070 hawaii_5070 May 2, 2013 7:00 PM Flag

    fouger or foulger

    don't know who is who? whoever is the resident "expert" with all this calculations, which were wrong, and caused me to hold and not sell a few days ago. you said you are going to the annual meeting - so you owe me something concrete from the meeting preferably the real inside scoop.

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    • davisfoulger is the actual expert.....I know, I've been following him since 2011 when after seeing his analysis, we were convinced enough to purchase our first batch of RAS shares for one of our IRAs at considerably under $5.00 a share. Has certainly turned out to be one of our better investments. RAS is not necessarily a trading stock, tho I've done so. Like many other stocks, it's best to look at it for the longer term return. We did, and now we're looking at almost a double in less than two years. The guy KNOWS this company....stick with him and chances are, you'll be good.

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      • Davis does know quite a bit about RAS. However, the timing of your investment was propitious. Had you been reading this board about 5 years ago and you stuck with Davis you would be sitting on a considerable loss. Knowing facts about a company and knowing when to invest are two very different things. Right Davis? I am long RAS and also own at a good price. I also agree with you that RAS seems to have a bright future. All they need to do is stick to their Knitting!!!!

    • fouger is an impersonator. His behavior is specifically prohibited by the Yahoo Terms and Conditions. They are allowed to discontinue his ID based on doing what he's doing. They choose not to do so, but if you find him confusing, they might listen to you. I'd be happier if he wasn't muddying the waters, but so it goes.

      I did the numbers. Like all numbers they were an estimate. The future rarely works out exactly as you expect it. I'm pretty happy with how well the model did. Actually, I'm reasonably happy with the quarters results, and especially the operating earnings.. I've explained this in the last thread you started on this, so I'll simply note, in the presence of pointing fingers, that you are responsible for your own portfolio and that I said all of the following things in response to your query:

      1 - "Earnings Whispers is saying 11 cents a share. That's "GAAP earnings". I think they are optimistic for GAAP earnings. My model is calling for another GAAP loss".

      2 - "You have to make your own decisions. If you are satisfied with your returns on RAS and think you have a better place to put the money going forward then you should sell. If, like me, you think RAS has more upside than most things you are looking at, then you will want to hold or, like me, slowly layer out. "

      3 - "the number I put up last night was explicitly a preliminary number: That I wanted to check everything again. I've been doing that. The numbers haven't changed much as I've been "making things more conservative", but the model's AFFO estimate is currently is down to 35 cents, which is still a pretty big increase."

      Point fingers all you want, but it healthier to take responsibility for your own decisions. You asked a question. I posted the analysis I based my own decisions on. I'm comfortable with my analysis and how it has worked out so far (although I'd be happier if AFFO was four cents higher, LOL), but then I don't blame anyone else for my decisions.

    • Looks Like Another Notch On Davis B.S. U Like Most On This Board And Every Other Board U Hear What U Want Too Hear There Are No Expert On This Or Any Board.U Are The Expert U Have To Do The Homework. & Live & Die By Ur Picks. We All Know What Happens When U Fallow The Judest Goat.

    • All my calculations were accurate. Something else is causing the discrepancy. I will have a model to demonstrate this within the week. I am willing to offer you either a free grilled reuben or my raspberry beret, if you attend to shareholders meeting. I bought yesterday and am not overjoyed with being under water either.

      Patience works for me.

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