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  • don_t_panick don_t_panick Jun 11, 2013 5:31 AM Flag

    Imagine if a Republican President.........

    - Used the IRS to target thousands of groups and individuals on his enemies list.
    - Got a secret court order to monitor the landline and cell phone call logs of every American as well as emails.
    - Spent weeks lying to the public about a terrorist attack in an effort to hide flaws in a failed foreign policy.
    - Passed a law that was supposed to lower Health Care costs by $2,500 for the average family and they skyrocketed instead.
    - Kept the country for years in an economic malaise where millions of Americans dropped out of the labor force.
    - Doubled the federal debt.

    Can you imagine the outrage from hypocritical Liberal phonies like Foulger if a Republican had done any of these things? Blame Obama for any of the above? No, it's Bush's fault - LOL.

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    • You should follow my lead and stick to something you are good at. For instance, I discovered while protesting the return of US troops from Vietnam that I possessed a perfect loft and accuracy when I forcefully expelled saliva from my mouth. Forty some years later I invented the informally famous Dextrose Spit Diet which today aids many obese middle-aged political activists strive toward extending their productive lifetimes.

    • Don,
      Please try to tie this into RAS. I think the stagnant economy has favored companies like RAS. The FED lowered rates and made RAS very viable, even potent thanks to the market conditions.

      FYI.......doubled federal debt........I don't believe that the executive branch sets the budget.

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      • We already had that Republican President. Please stick to RAS. Politics is not your strength.

      • Ethison,

        Yes, I agree that RAS is the type of company that will benefit or at least do ok under Obamanomics. People don't want to own or can no longer afford houses anymore. RAS is a large owner of apartment buildings. All the deficit spending and monetary policies are trying to prop up the economy and offset bad policies that hurt the economy such as Obamacare. Our fiscal policy is inflationary and a little inflation helps a company like RAS by raising rents.

        RAS is benefitting from higher tax rates since as we all know the dividends are a tax free return of capital. Real estate is a natural tax shelter since for example you can depreciate apartment buildings. Higher taxes push up the value of RAS assets as more capital flows into these area to avoid taxes. RAS has a business that is more capital intensive than labor intensive. By passing new legislation like Obamacare and pandering to unions, Obama has been especially hard on labor intensive industry sectors while companies like RAS are less effected.

      • It's obvious the legislative branch cares little about a budget, especially the Dem senate. Maybe it should be set by the judicial branch.

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