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  • steve_j_sewell steve_j_sewell Jul 19, 2013 8:02 PM Flag

    the President speaks candidly about race

    today he shared with the nation how EVERY African- American, himself included,
    has suffered the humiliation and shame of-

    1) being followed in a department store
    2) hearing the "click" sound of car door locks, and
    3) hearing the "whirr" sound of car windows being raised
    4) the nervous clutching of handbags in elevators

    thank you, Mr. Obama for speaking out and informing whitebread America about the injustice and the hatred.

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    • I am hoping Kate gives birth soon so we can get all this Trayvon Martin b/s off the airwaves. It is almost 24/7 reporting on TM It is overkill and nauseating.

    • Maybe he can decipher convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell: Murdered 11 women in Cleveland. A month after Barbara reported her daughter missing to police, a 40-year-old Cleveland woman, a deep gash on her right thumb and scratches on her neck, frantically approached a patrol car in the Mount Pleasant area, according to police records.
      She told officers a man in a gray hoodie offered her beer, and when she declined, she said, he punched her in the face several times, tried to rape her and dragged her toward a house at 123rd Street and Imperial Avenue.
      "He just kind of twisted my neck, twisting it, twisting it, twisting it," Gladys Wade, who managed to escape from the man, told CNN last year. "I was gouging his face at the same time. At the same time, I was trying to take his eyeballs out. It was like the devil, you know? Eyes glowing."
      Sowell, who had spent 15 years in prison for attempted rape, had grown up in East Cleveland, a suburb of Cleveland.
      Elias Tayeh, a graying man in his mid-50s who owns a convenience store across the street from Sowell's home, recalled talking to him at the cash register two or three times a week. He noticed Sowell, who often "stunk," would purchase Cobra malt liquor and an abnormally large number of trash bags.
      On December 8, 2008, when police went to Sowell's house after Wade's complaint, they knew he was a sex offender, according to an e-mail from Nancy Dominik, a spokeswoman for the Cleveland Police Department.
      He was in the Tier 3 category, the most dangerous classification in Ohio, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office said.
      But a police report from the December 8 visit shows authorities saw blood droplets on the walls and steps.
      In a second report written two days later, a Cleveland officer said they did not see any "visible signs" of Wade being punched in the face. The officers told CNN affiliate WKYC that they dropped the case after Wade declined to press charges.After Wade's complaint to police, six more women would disapp

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      • This Black man was a MENTOR to: EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) — Police fanned out in knee-high weeds Sunday to search a neighborhood where three bodies were found wrapped in plastic bags, and a suspect in the case indicated to authorities that he might have been influenced by a notorious serial killer who strangled 11 women, officials said.

        Authorities knocked on doors asking neighbors for any information that could help the case as they combed through yards near where the bodies were found Friday and Saturday in East Cleveland. They were also checking dilapidated houses in the area.

        A 35-year-old registered sex offender was arrested after a police standoff Friday and is a suspect in the three deaths, Mayor Gary Norton said. The suspect, from East Cleveland, has indicated he might have been influenced by Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell, who was convicted in 2011 and sentenced to death, Norton said. As of Sunday morning, the man hadn't been charged.

    • Its to bad our pres is an idiot

    • Steve I Realy Don,t Want To Get Into This, But When I Was A Kid The Same Thing Happen To ME & My Friends & We Wheren,t Black.

    • Youse mussa needs a one of dem Skyatricks fellas... Youse don't knows duh meanings of speakings or writings "candidasly:

    • What he FAILED to mention was that Black Women behave exactly the same way as White women when they see a scruffy-looking Black dude following them: They lock the car doors and cling tight to their purses.

      That's because 96% of the street crimes and random acts of violence are committed by Black males. Whites commit plenty of crimes too, but it's generally against people they know in their homes or offices. "White" crimes tend to be non-violent confrontations like embezzlement and fraud. "Black" crimes tend to be some scruffy looking dude accosting you on the street. Whites rob banks legally by selling them fraudulent CDO's. Blacks rob banks by sticking a "9" in the bank teller's face and saying "Gimme all yo cheese."

      So the he odds of you being accosted at random by a White male or a Black woman on the streets are low. The odds of being assaulted by a Black male are significant. That goes for Blacks being victimized by other Blacks.

    • sounds like me and my friends [ white anglo saxon protestants ] we expected that treatment,we drew the attention! Common!!!! GET REAL !!!! socialism works GREAT! untill the $ runs out,ask Detroit!!!!

    • So, does that mean when you are attacked, you are not suppposed to defend youeself???

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