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  • imjoel00 imjoel00 Aug 15, 2013 9:18 PM Flag

    RAS Old Timers

    The Real Old Timers Where. RasModerator, IrrationalBuying, OracleIntelSun MillionJupitea, Finders, Rjong & Providece With Much Hate For SnakeHead & There Are Many More In 07 Most Had RAS Short & They Made Some Nice Money. But SnakeHead Had The Facts & They Where Wrong & He Was Rigth, Ras Was Heading Up Anytime In The Next Day,Week ,Month, 6 Month, Year, 1 Or 2 Years. Its Coming. Just Like Now. Also The Only Board Member That Still Here Before SnakeHead Came In 07 Is YankeeBoy He Is The Go To Guy. SnakeHead Dug His Grave A Long Time Ago. He Is A Deadman Waking.

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    • Your opening post attracted many men who still play with dolls.

      ....Talk among yourselves, girls....

    • My all-time favorite is 'jimby9'
      jimby9 gets my vote, hands down

      In a post titled "Sold My Shares" by jimby9 • Nov 30, 2006 1:43 PM he said:
      (talking about the proposed Taberna merger, which was coming up for a proxy vote at the next shareholder meeting)
      "I voted no on the merger and sold all of my shares. I was a long-term shareholder who didn't really want to sell, but concluded that this risky merger is going to be approved. IMO, RAS shareholders are far too complacent about the new company's future prospects. The addition of the recently formed, highly leveraged Taberna and its large protfolio of residential mortgages, rachets up RAS's risk profile by several orders of magnitude. Unfortunately, it's going to take at least a couple of years for the company to prove that its new business model really works. If they are able to ride out the accellerating downtrend in residential real estate, without any major problems, I will probably buy back in. In the meantime, market forces alone could drive the stock price down sharply, for the same reason that many other housing related stocks have taken a beating."

      Man, did he nail it dead nuts, or what? Back in November, 2006, he clearly and accurately predicted exactly what would happen, and why. Can't beat it with a stick

      BTW, RAS was at $33.33 per share that day, coincidentally, worth $99.99 per share in today's 3 for 1 shares

      Jimby, you rock, podnuh!

    • My personal favorites:

      Yankeeboy - Best stock market maven. Always posted trades in real-time. Turned out to be right at least 75% of the time.

      Dividend Aristocrat - Most accurate RAS prognosticator. He smell sh@@@@@t in July '07.

      Steve Sewell - Pithiest, wittiest

      CG Kotarski - Queen of class, but not the brightest bulb in the room.

      Gotstogo - Best play-by-play call of RAS takedown: $29-town, $28-town, $27-town.....penny-town!

      Alf - perhaps the most successful long-term investor.

      Os23s - He wasn't here very long. He bought a million bucks worth of RAS on Foulger's recommendation and lost 50% in six weeks. He characterized Foulger as "a one man boiler room lacking any measure of integrity."

      helping hands - He wasn't here long either. Left in a huff when I asked him if he was any relation to Uncle Finster's Hand.

      ....and the ever-popular Deepjpm - funniest song paradies of RAS. He had to quit posting when the SEC got on his case for shorting RAS wilthout bothering with the tedious details for locating the shares first.

      Sorry if I missed anybody, those are just a one-minute brain dump.

    • Thanks for the update... old timers and all.

    • the best old timer was rjs5. that was way, way back. dividendaristocrat was the ruthless black hat old timer.

      • 2 Replies to steve_j_sewell
      • Congrats. Steve. As you pointed out, when I go on vacation the Market usually tanks. Well, I was on vacation and we just finished the biggest down week of the year !!!!!! On Wed of this week I just about cleaned house and sold out of most of my pfrds and fixed income type of stocks. I am still holding 2 pfrds,RASPA and VNRAP and some bonds. I even sold out of 75 % of RAS in my IRAs and all of RAS in my trading accounts. The ' fixed income' situations have been in a bear market for 4 months and have more to go on the downside. As for RAS I will buy it back on a core-position basis IF it should drop into the 6.00-6.25 area or on a move crossing its 200 day moving average. As for regular stocks, I will just continue mostly day-trading or a 2 day trade situation. This is my type of trading market, getting in on nice early drops on stocks and selling the rebounds, and buying earnings reports after-hours. Good luck with your accounts and do not 'marry' any stock.

      • Steve I Guess Were Getting Up There Too.

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