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  • noob_doob noob_doob Oct 26, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Foulger makes outlandish claims, and then...

    ...stubbornly defends them to the death.
    The death of reason, that is.
    An 'increasing number' of people are able to fight their way through the gov healthcare morass.
    As if the number could ever decrease?
    In Maryland, for a singular example, a grand total of 486 people, at last announced count, has gotten in.
    Zero health insurance policies issued to date, of course, after more than 3 weeks of down-more-than-it-is-up time, but at least that many people have been able to register and gain valid login credentials.
    Out of over 300,000 unique site visits (de-duplicated).
    486 out of 300,000+.
    Yes, six days ago it was less than 400, so it _is_ an 'increasing number'.
    A distinction without a difference, as is usual with Foulger's typical defensive semantic literalism.

    The system is badly broken, with well over $400 million already expended, and some estimates as high as $600 million.

    What are we getting for that amount of money?

    Excuses, finger-pointing, and semantic quibbles.

    We are all paying a steep price for the "you've got to vote for it to find out what's in it" Act of 2010.

    Foulger is content. What else matters?

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    • Foulger is the mouthpiece and defender of a socialist revolution. I have pointed the interested reader here to places on the internet where this can be verified beyond what he has revealed in behavior (vs. proclamation of innocence) here.

      Here's another one: search leftforum dot org and davisfoulger. Search Julianna Forlano and davisfoulger. Who is Forlano? She is a self-described Left wing political satirist. Yes, that's where Foulger goes to be among birds of the same feather--like his "best source for real news," culture- mocker Jon Liebowitz a self-described socialist. Go to Forlano's u toob vids and see her agree with guests such as Richard Wolff who she describes as a "new socialist" economist. What do thses people have in common (other than their delight in tearing down America as it worked)? They think private businesses should be co-operatized.

      So why should anyone who knows the person behind the davisfoulger print mill be surprised to see him support and defend endlessly the co-operatizing of another 14% of the economy?

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      • Exactly. People have a right to be deluded socialists and spew propaganda like "Obama acting as a fiscal conservative". However, their opinions on stocks are inherently suspect. They don't really believe in capitalism - at least as most investors think of it. Trading stocks is about capitalism and also rational thought and being able to change your opinions as the evidence changes. Foulger is a socialist and will stick with wrong opinions despite any level of facts and evidence - just like he was unrelentingly bullish on RAS even as it nearly went broke in the financial crisis.

        How many investors did he bury with his RAS propaganda. More recently we saw him hype Fannie on this message board just as it was peaking near $5 and crashed below $2. It bounces back above $2 and we hear the "I'm so great" BS. Kind of fitting that he would like a govt puppet like Fannie actually.

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