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  • davisfouger davisfouger Dec 18, 2013 1:15 PM Flag

    Youse guys need to say the magic words to make my kind of profits

    You need to say, "I am trading around a core position". Simply investing in a way that superficially meets the common definition of trading around a core position does NOT meet the full requirements I have patented.
    And some of you chuckleheads just don't get it.

    This is much the same with tracking and proving your gains in RAS. You could mirror every trade I make, but fail to achieve the same profits. Again, what you will have may superficially seem to be replications of what I have done, but you need the secret ingredient to make the really great gains appear for you too. You need to use the Magic Spreadsheet (TM).

    'I am trading around a core position' (TM) and Magic Spreadsheet (TM): Say them. Use them. Become the big man you always dreamed of being.

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    • I am jumping up and down right now saying the magic words. and the share price is $8.97
      Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all, and let's hope for a repeat in 2014.

    • There are no "magic words" ghost. Neither are their magic ways to approach the market. Every stock is different and every investor has their own view, for better or worse, of what the right way to approach a given stock may be. Different variants of trading around a core position have worked well on RAS for several people that I know of over the last six and a half years. It continues to work well for me and, based on things they have said, others. Other approaches have worked too, including swings between going long from low prices and going short from high prices. The only approach that I know hasn't worked is buying high on enthusiasm and selling low after that enthusiasm morphs into disappointment, and more than a few of those folks have come out ahead after dividends are included..

      I know you think that this is all a big joke, but your "supposed satire" misses the big point. $8.81 (RAS' price as I write this) is a pretty big gain from $6.47 (the lowest price I paid on this cycle), $5.40 (the price I originally predicted $9 by the end of this year from), and $2.87 (my current average price. Add in the dividends paid since making that projection and we're at $9.21. Add in the next dividend 16 cents) and we're at $9.37.

      Keep pitching though. The more you post, ghost, the higher the price goes, and that's good for me, LOL.

    • Youse guys should dump RAS and get into JMI, it just announced a "full year" divi schedule of $0.15 monthly for a current 14.3% annual yield

    • I had been clicking the heels of my red shoes together and saying what I thought were the magic and learn.

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