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  • wchang_98 wchang_98 Jul 18, 2010 11:27 PM Flag

    Old messages disappeared


    on Vodafone board. Who did it?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Enjoying the Sierras South Shore the last 9 and stock market have been great, although with todays unemployment report, which was expected, is tanking, but VOD is up!! Yes!!! VOD has been good to me, ..have been LONG for years, but did dip in a few times for sales and repurchases....Its a GOLD MINE with the VZW %ownership...cant wait for that to happen some day...

    • You're one lucky guy--auditor and doctor (future) and you the wise investor. Be proud, and we can reminisce about the days when VOD was in the 60's!

    • Wish I had an auditor in the family. The older I get, the more I wish I had a Doctor in the family, too!

      Today's task: cut some more firewood for the wood shed. Nothing like a wood fire on a snowy winter evening!

    • That does complicate things. Mine were PAC ISO's exercised that became ATI and some SBC. Gifted some to grandchildren and kept a bit for sentimental reasons. Perhaps the shares will outlive me and someone else will have to go back and do the math--I have all the numbers but why bother to figure the basis?

    • Your son will be wealthy, your daughter will have fun in life. Both are good. Maybe fun is more important in the scheme of things.

      I can't help with VZ but I have all the cost basis info on ATI to VOD stock (even back before ATI) if that would help. On the other hand, the charities will appreciate a gift!

    • Never held FON. Worked for ATT, Pacific Telesis, AirTouch and "inherited" VOD when it merged with ATI. Pretty much just a sentimental holding. Important investments are in funds managed by others smarter than me (well, I used to think they were smarter until a couple of years ago!) Wish Dr. WChang would manage my money too--now there's a smart dude, with smart kids, too! In the meantime, just watching the new fawns romp in the meadow here in the Sierra Nevadas, watching the birds at the feeder, eating apricots and waiting for the blackberries to get ripe, and working to fill the woodshed to stay warm next winter. Life is pretty darn good, whatever happens to VOD.

    • Not me! I didn't do it, but noticed that all the old gang was erased. And after all we did to keep VOD afloat during good times and bad; you'd think they'd have more respect! Oh well....

    • It seems that a band of yahoos broke into the vault during the night and ate them.

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