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  • chance_pocketwatch chance_pocketwatch Jul 25, 2012 10:00 PM Flag

    Looking For Yield


    I just had a corporate bond called that was yielding 6.25%. It was a nice run, but it was part of my core portfolio that's fairly safe (actually it was one of the positions that had the highest risk). I'm looking for good/safe yield and VOD looks like it could be something I could buy and hold long term = 10 years. I already own a good chunk of VZ, about 1.6% of total portfolio, and no other telecom, so this seems like a good addition which would up my telecom to just over 4%. Since I haven't yet done 100% of the necessary due diligence, I'd thought I'd ask for opinions here. Reasons for not owning it or waiting for a better price are welcome.

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    • i learned my lesson, the hard way. stick with what you know. i have and it takes a lot of mind control. made a lot on t and vz, but 0nwn nothing now.
      hate money doing nothing, but better than losing.

    • Chance, no argument from me :) If you're looking for growth VOD trumps FTE. I only suggested as a way to diversify and increase your current yield - FTE's dividend is sustainable and with Iliad backing off, here comes margin expansion which is a bonus.. FTE's also my only exposure to Africa other than mutual funds.

      I think if you put all your alloted new money for telecom into VOD, you'll do very well. VOD is definitely my first choice too! GL

      Here's a quick read on FTE... it's not as boring as it sounds!

    • Apples and oranges (no pun intended)... Telefonica's yield was unsustainable. Compare the payout ratios of FTE and TEF. No chance FTE's dividend will be cut, payout ratio is under 80% and FCF is very strong. It's unlikely France will be the next Spain, they are much stronger... though I do agree there's risk with any Eurozone country. I still like VOD better too.

      Facebook is not an appropriate stock for income oriented investors. I am looking to pick some up in the teens though.... ;)

    • "chance"
      also - VOD owns 45% of VZ =
      big time divy for them - and you.
      moo -
      avoid France - Spain.

      ps. good luck !

    • Facebook may be worth a minisicule wager once it is down at least another 90 percent. it is nothing more than hot air. people who get sucked into the frenzy of facebook, chipotle, netflix should part with their money. Being a fool does have it's cosequences.

    • Try looking into BCE--no chance of currency devaluation vs US dollar--not so sure about VOD and Euro

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      • quite ironic. I owned the same Comcast bond referenced in the o/p. I too have a nice position in VZ and decided to pile into VOD @ 27.70 with my bond proceeds. It's essentially adding to my VZ position but I don't mind the bi-yearly divy schedule and I'm going to be in the Verizon family for the long haul.... Or at least until fix income yields move up significantly, which I'm beginning to think may not happen in my life time. (I'm 60)

    • VOD =
      "street" says buy -
      "Zacks" say sell =
      it's your money -
      VOD has a 45% in VZ =
      good position there -
      VOD is very big in Europe -
      VOD pays a very good divy -

    • VOD is a very volatile stock. I trade in and out of this stock because of the volatility. I will receive the dividend in August for the shares that I owned prior to the ex-dividend date. I sold all of my shares and now I am buying the shares back as the price declines. This stock requires active management but it is well worth it. VOD does not pay a quarterly dividend, if you want a quarterly dividend then you should look at T.

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