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  • casserta Apr 3, 2011 9:56 AM Flag

    RXII hit rock bottom at the last funding

    Almost forgot. anhletran ( Pea ). Please study this list:

    Make sure you click through all the 'pages'.

    Do you see that in the last 12 months 5,332,674 shares were SOLD?

    Do you see that in the last 12 months only 233,793 were BOUGHT?

    Gee, 5 million SOLD, a couple hundred thousand BOUGHT. Aren't these the people who supposedly would know the company the best, from the inside?

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    • followtheprophet Apr 3, 2011 10:52 AM Flag

      hello cass

      am a 1st time poster. newly created account as my original address is first/last name based.
      my, my...people on this board vehemently hate this stock or are enamored with it.

      is there no middle ground? i personally do not care either way. however, i clearly see a short-term pop forthcoming and, after which, I will be exiting.

      I have no qualms about doing so nor do I feel guilty; if the co has true potential the markets will see it survive, my capitalizing on a short-term trade notwithstanding.

      re: ur insider buy/sell list.....i'm not a big insider-watcher kinda guy but i believe an appropriate short-term measure (at least with rxii) to indicate near-term movement would be to look at the timing.

      clearly, insider buys over the past 12 months precipitated a near-term rise in the stock. this go around could prove this true this time too.

      good luck to all.

      word of warning...stocks i usually trade wind up doing horrible after i'm in/out (i guess my conscious is still bothering me about amie).

      rxii - i'm long at 1.46. i think we will break the recent 1.60's high on monday or early next week.

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      • forestmump Apr 3, 2011 11:12 AM Flag

        followtheprophet. I'm always a little suspicious of first time posters such as yourself.

        Are you sure you're not really saying that you're a daytrader who took a short term position based on the merger news in hopes that the stock will be 'supported' after the merger?

        Maybe you'll be successful in scalping a few pennies, maybe you won't.

        Good luck to you.

        I'm just somewhat amused that all you talk about is short term stock price. Do you know anything whatsoever about the either RXI or Aphtera? The history of either company and their respective 'managements'?

        Kriegsman's track record?

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