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  • danindenver33 danindenver33 Nov 6, 2012 11:43 PM Flag

    FINRA/SEC Official GALE Shorts

    According to official SEC/FINRA data, durng the last 5 days of GALE's stock trading, the number of SHORT sales increased by a whopping 1,042,394 shares. Today's price decline, might (certainly in part or in large part) be a result of the cumulative SHORT Sale Pressure upon GALE. So, what might these numbers possibly indicate? My personal bias says: GET READY FOR A SPRING-BOARD EFFECT. The Market Makers are winding the GALE "spring" so taut that as/when GALE next announces any matter of 'discovery' or of 'positive clinical data' we are increasingly likely to witness a 'significant' uptick in GALE share prices. SIGNIFICANT, not by virtue of just new investors purchasing GALE stock, but ALSO due to the MMs covering portions of their short positions. BTW, yesterday's transaction of 3,060 Apr $2 options contracts further feeds into the scenario i'm painting. Those options purchased yesterday represent not only a very substantial number of contracts (especially for GALE), but it may be further interpreted to indicate that a rather significant capital source (approx $122,000) is willing to "wager" there's an imminent POP one might expect to witness between now and April 2013. As you read these comments, you'll note some of what's presented is empirical data whereas other comments are of a personal, speculative nature. Finally, can't help but say that, again in my opinion, She's Getting Ready to POP!!! (up, that is)

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