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  • danindenver33 danindenver33 Nov 10, 2012 5:36 PM Flag

    We can do it - we can beat the MMs

    Some straight-forward, easy-on-the-mind, basic math that will LEAD US TO SUCCESS: Make the CONCERTED effort to speak with 5 or more persons whom you know (or meet) - be the committed GALE advocate you know you can be - suggest to each one of the five that she/he purchase 1000 shares GALE RIGHT NOW! That's roughly $2100 (includes consideration for commission). Why this Risky Investment? (And don't hesitate to be honest, this is considered a Risky Investment!!!) Of course you'll be speaking with those who can afford a loss. However, as we clearly know, there's also a Very Real, Viable, statistically significant chance of making a decent ROI on a GALE Investment. NeuVax is (based on Phase II clinical data) REAL and it's EFFECTIVE. We must actively battle the disturbing and undermining efforts of the Market Makers (MMs)!!! Remember, as a stock selling under $5, it's only the MMs who may SHORT our stock. We are WELL OVER 7 million GALE shares short and likely approaching 7.5 million shares. The Market Makers are full of vile, vinegar, arrogance, AND they are a DETERMINED bunch of raunch. Borrowed monies cost them almost Nothing these days. They (the MMs) couldn't give a rat's behind whether anyone ravaged by cancer lives or dies or may be afforded an added lifeline beyond today's expected survival rates. We who care, we who have been on the receiving end of the insidious nature of cancer - it is we who DO CARE. NeuVax must be given its chance to prove its efficacy. There are noble reasons beyond the stock profit motive - decent reasons for supporting NeuVax. It is time for us to act in a constructive, proactive manner! WE MUST rally and react with greater determination than what they (the MMs) are able to muster. Keep this scenario in mind - it's not much different than the Chain Letters of old. We, You, Your friends and Family, we can all make a difference! (BTW, i am long GALE and yes, i have directly and with great enthusiasm advocated the purchase of GALE shares to others. I continue to do so PROUDLY at every opportunity - to friends and to strangers alike. Be open, possess a bit of knowledge, be honest, and remain aware.)

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    • Jamesvincent888:

      It can be tough living and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My work took me to Riyadh some ten years ago. for a short time. I found that I have to adjust to the culture and life style a lot. I suppose that once adjusted, life there should be okay. With your profession, you should be paid very well.

      Now back to Gale. Convincing a weathy Saudi to invest in Gale stock is very good. I think you properly realise that Gale's current cash reserve can only carry the NeuVax research (clinical trials) and the cooporation itself until around mid-2013. This would not be sufficient for Gale/NeuVax to reach FDA approval. I have a suggestion. Instead of finding a weathy Saudi to buy Gale stocks, why not try and see if a wealthy Saudi to make an equity investment of say $50 million into Gale as a minority partner. That will strengthen Gale's financial position a lot and allow the company to move ahead quickly towards FDA approval and marketing of NeuVax which can begin to save lifes.

      Select a wealthy Saudi whose dear wife has a breat cancer problem. He may understand the importance of NeuVax a lot better and would be receptive to this idea.

      Again, a few years back, I was helping Saudi officials who were looking to buy camouflage net. I asked the Saudi buyers how they were prepared to pay for them. They just put a certified chque of $100 million on the table and ask our camouflage manufacturer to start delivery as soon as the money was in his bank.

      Just food for thought!

      Have a great day!


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      • 1 Reply to stockwatcher888
      • stockwatcher888, exactly what i was going to see what i can do.....ive been here for 4 years so im adapted to the lifestyle here.....i live in a western compound only 2 minutes from work so its ideal......actually life here has been great so going to use my contacts to see if i can hook up with a saudi prince.....about 5 months ago, all of the eye surgeons in the kingdom was invited to the palace of one of the big prince who happens to have a congenital deteriorating eye condition.....anyways, because of his condition, he makes substanial investments in eye care in the thats what i need to a prince with a relative who has or has had breast going to ask around......if you give me your private email, i can send you a video clip of the party we had at the prince's palace......anyways, im praying and hoping for GALE's success.......

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    • well, danindenver, thats what i have been doing. I am an american eye surgeon working in riyadh, saudi arabia and every month i make a trip to the bank to wire money to my account to buy more saudi banker asked me about my account and i told him i invest in this company (Gale). He researched it and then later told me that he himself invested money and he also informed a wealthy saudi client who then also invested money.......and finally, my colleague here at the hospital (a doctor from India) just opened an account and will be investing into Gale far my banker is very pleased because i recommended the stock back in June when Gale was at $1.25 a share......anyways im keeping my fingers crossed......this December when they announce some results from their phase 2 study will be a pivotal point in my Gale investment......if the results are good then im continuing to stick with them....if not.....well, we shall see.....
      Here in Saudi there are so many wealthy royalty walking around......If only i can hook up with one of them that would like to invest substanially into Gale that would be perfect.....ive got my rader on keeping a look out........Long and strong Gale.......come on Gale.....lets do it.....

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    • Danindenver33:

      I am long on Gale/NeuVax. I am prepared to invest in this company and NeuVax for at least 2 to 3 years.

      In the last few months, I have convinced several of my friend and relatives who bought Gale shares. I will continue to do this until Gale's share price shoots up to the $6 level and beyond!

      If serious Gale investors like you and me who are proactive to confront the MMs, we trust that we can pulverize those MMs!!!

      Happy investing!

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