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  • danindenver33 danindenver33 Jan 25, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    NeuVax = the Direct Answer . . . nothing else matters

    NeuVax speaks on its own Authority. Search keys: "NeuVax," "Dr. George Peoples," "Cancer Vaccine," and so on. Also be aware that last year (Jan 2012) the researchers and scientists of GALE sat together with the FDA personnel in COLLABORATIVELY (meaning "together") establishing the framework and design of NeuVax Phase 3 Clinicals (currently in process). With more than ten years of accumulated NeuVax knowledge, with Phase I and Phase II clinical data in hand, this group of Experts created, in effect, the Best Chances for NeuVax to continue its demonstration (as it had/has clearly done during Phase II Clinicals) as the Safe and Effective Vaccine targeting the reduction of recurrence in specific Breast Cancer patients. NeuVax WORKS! NeuVax is Effective (refer to Phase II, 60-month data)! Considering the 10+ years of accomplished scientific and medical work at the base of NeuVax, the next few months (as we await Ph-3 Interim data) are insignificant in consideration of the long, difficult but successful road already traveled by NeuVax and the dedicated scientists and researchers and patients who have nearly completed the difficult journey to FDA Approval.

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    • Excellent points!

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    • Great info ... be patient, I am long on this stock. Once this thing is FDA approved, the price will definitely 'pop'. Hang in there folks.

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    • dan when do you anticipate gale will be able to update?

      • 2 Replies to docihi
      • let me respond to the latter part of your Q: the slow decline is simply another 'blip' on the radar - static interference. A bit more selling than buying. No big deal in the greater scheme of things. On the Q of an UPDATE: strictly on the matter of NeuVax & Phase III ongoing clinicals - i've delved long and deep into that which i consider to be the most relevant matter - RECURRENCE of the acute cancer, perhaps the most serious aspect of why NeuVax is of vital importance. My review of the data suggests that within the subset of cancer patients who were screened and who are receiving either the NeuVax injections or the Placebo injections - within this subset of women, the data point to onset of RECURRENCES at between 18 and 24 months After Initial diagnosis of the primary cancer. Keeping in mind that those patients participating in Ph3 NeuVax clinicals must first follow the Standard of Practice Protocols (surgery if so established, chemo, then radiation treatments) these participating women who then begin their NeuVax injections (or the placebo) are approx eight or more months POST their initial BC diagnosis. Therefore, i regret to state that within about one year to 18 months following the start of NeuVax (or placebo) treatments, the initial possible RECURRENCES of the primary cancers will (statistically) begin to re-express themselves. We all know that NeuVax Ph-3 officially began in Jan 2012. However, we do not have data (and should not expect to receive such private information) as to when the first participants of Ph-3 actually started their NeuVax Therapies. I would, however, GUESS that by or around March/April of 2012 the Ph-3 participants began their vaccine injections. Keeping all these "time-sensitive" elements in mind, it has been my "GUESSING" that calculates we will possibly receive the first indications of PH-3 NeuVax data by or maybe a bit before Sep of this year. Notice i'm "guessing" quite a bit! Having stated the above, and always keeping in mind that RECURRENCE is most definitely NOT a good thing, AND that NeuVax seriously addresses life-and-death issues AND that NeuVax is SAFE (much, much , much "safer" than is Herceptin, for example) I personally remain of the firm conviction that not only will NeuVax Ph-3 data repeat (and exceed) the benefits clearly demonstrated during Ph-2 Clinicals, BUT that the Galena in collaboration with the FDA will seek to have NeuVax granted a Provisional FDA Approval of sufficient design as to allow ready access to NeuVax for all those who qualify for the NeuVax Adjuvant Therapy. As a Moral and an Ethical matter, all those Ph-3 participants who were randomly assigned the Placebo injections will immediately be offered the option of receiving the NeuVax injections. These studies are not a "game." Sure, there's "pure science" and there is the "necessity" for comparative data of a "statistically significant" nature to be acquired in order to "statistically" prove the material efficacy of NeuVax. BUT more importantly, we are dealing with the lives and the welfare and the Quality of Life of many cancer victims. This is NOT a game and there are times when "pure science" must yield to the ethical and to the moral aspects of "decent medicine." BTW, if my memory serves me well enough, by or about the summer of 2004 at a time when Herceptin was being tested and when clinical evidence became apparent that those women randomly assigned the non-Herceptin grouping were Recurring at harsh levels relative to the counter-subset who had received the Herceptin Adjuvant Treatments, INSTANTLY the "studies" were altered to allow ALL those who had initially been "passed up" (the non-Herceptin participants) to access the Herceptin (on what i recall as being a Provisional FDA Approval of Herceptin). Must end here, running out of time. Respectfully, Dan.

      • also, any thoughts on why gale has made a slow decline recently?

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