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  • danindenver33 danindenver33 Feb 14, 2013 10:40 AM Flag

    For those of us who Care.....

    For those of us who Care about NeuVax and about the promise NeuVax holds for possibly millions of Breast Cancer patients - and for those who Care about GALE: Let's be honest, this MB and most of its postings is/are nothing but the rantings of self-interests. If you really seek to enlighten others, I urge you make the daily conscious effort of enlightening and awakening one new person to the reality of NeuVax and to the prospects of GALE shares. It's really not that difficult and believe me when i say that WE can make that difference.... and we will succeed for two basic reasons: NeuVax is REAL and we really do CARE... Respectfully, Dan

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    • I care! I definitely has not blindly fallen in love with this stock.

      Why do I care? I want to see the FDA approves NeuVax so that millions of breat cancer victims have a very good chance to survive and enjoy their lives. Is this a sin?

      I am sure that Danindenver33 has the same passionate vision.

      Layner02: Are we asking ourselves too much? Why can we not have many more caring people?

      Oh yea, when the FDA approves NeuVax and starts saving lives, our mission is accomplished. The nice return to our investment would be icing on the cake!

    • Dan, with all due respect, you have been very helpful to the board but I tend to agree with layner on this one. I for one would like to see Neuvax become available someday but at the same token, we are still investors. I caution people not to become emotionally attached to the stock as it is very dangerous, especially on a speculative stock like GALE. I am holding a sizeable amount of this but I cannot promise that I will not sell some WHEN we have a significant run up to reduce my risk. Good luck to you and to all longs!

      Fellow Galenean,

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      • 3 Replies to michaelangelo94
      • Michaelangelo: i agree 100% with your statements. And although a supporter of the NeuVax efforts, there remains considerable ground that needs to be covered before possible FDA approval. That being said, and along with my support for the NeuVax initiatives, we are all well served whenever we introduce the NeuVax potential and GALE to anyone in a position to Risk money in the form of a "penny stock" purchase. True, there's Risk here, but also true, there are at least two terrific reward potentials: NeuVax success and GALE shares success. Pass along the knowledge to all....

      • ez1954 Feb 14, 2013 12:37 PM Flag


        yours is a sensible approach to take, at least cover your initial investment by some profit taking.

        i imagine there are a few celsion investors who wish they had taken that approach.

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      • michangelo94:

        You may consider me and some others totally idiotic in supporting Gale and NeuVax.

        As far as I am concern, there is more in life than just making money.

        How about saving lives and make money along the way? This is my priority in my life and I do not agree with yours!

    • oh...enough with this bs.....the people on this forum are investors, we are trying to make money, that's all. Your melodrama is getting nauseating.

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