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  • elstockjock elstockjock Mar 19, 2013 1:32 AM Flag

    Very unusual!

    It just doesn't make sense for Gale to be looking for a drug to license.
    There just has to be more to this story than we are being told.
    Just when Neuvax should be requiring maximum diligence from mgmt,. so they don't make stupid mistakes like they did at ASCO last year, they go and get signed up to push someone else's product.
    I really am beginning to think that they have begun to protect their employment and know that Neuvax will never make it to market.

    Can someone explain why Abstral would partner up with a tiny bio tech that has no drug of their own to license the top drug they have, when any big name pharma would be glad to pick them up???

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    • i've been pondering the same question, "el." i've discussed this matter with several associates and interestingly enough, we brought up the very same "possibilities" as are now presented by the various postings (here). from my prior business dealings, it is always highly likely that what appears on the surface is but a minute representation of the "big" or the "real" deal - - - only the tip of the iceberg if you will. there's always the element of "good faith" one must extend to the management of the company in which one invests. to this end, i am forced to "assume" Ahn and company are keenly adept at both strategizing their objectives and of mapping out a course of action that will fully support the best chances for overall success. i remain cautiously optimistic of these newest activities while highly optimistic with regard for the overall success of NeuVax. Dan

    • @elstockjock - I found it interesting during the 25th Annual ROTH Conference how Teva was mentioned such high regards as a market leader in oncology. Perhaps Teva is behind Galena licensing Abstral in the US, have Galena do the "dirty" work as a small biopharma and then when it comes buyout time they have an even larger foothold in the US. Pure speculation but when I read your post I thought along these lines. It will certainly be interesting in the June/July 2013 time frame to see how Roche will react to a Teva bid. As an investor I would love to see a bidding war (drive up the price) but more importantly, I would like to see NeuVax be successful in saving women's lives.

      Bought more today on the dip, will continue to accumulate. Staying Long, but perhaps the wait will not be too much longer ;)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Possibly this was Gale's requisite to allowing Orexo to eventually license Nuevax in Sweden. If this drug provides the funding necessary to avoid any further dilutive financing before Nuevax FDA approval, then ithink it makes perfect sense. I personally would rather have another drug and 83M shares than just Nuevax and 110M shares. Plus, the same doctors would be targeted for both drugs.

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    • ez1954 Mar 19, 2013 5:43 AM Flag

      This is a transformational deal, moving the company forward from a clinical
      development biotech company to a "bio-pharma" company that is revenue
      producing. This will open up new institutional investors and profits will be
      able to support clinical activities. To do this with debt financing allows
      current funds to stay focused on clinical development and is the least
      dilutive way of getting this deal done.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Could be, but you can also look at the license deal this way: if the licensed drug sells well it will help GALE earn money and to reduce the cash burn. That in turn would help to limit dilution for shareholders from financing needs for ongoing trials.

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