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  • danindenver33 danindenver33 Mar 24, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    Abstral is MUCH MORE than Fentanyl.....

    There are goof-balls here that don't know the difference between Breakthrough Pain and otherwise "pain" associated with the progression of certain cancers. The relative ignorance of some who post here is documented time and again. What Abstral is able to achieve in managing pain is worlds apart from the otherwise "standard" or "typical" applications of the many other Fentanyl formulations. Does this imply that Abstral and Abstral alone is able to provide rapid pain relief? Absolutely not the case. However, Abstral has been well received throughout Europe and may, therefore, be expected to perform well as a temporary supplemental pain remedy within the US.

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    • This message is worth reading by all Gale investors!

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    • Thanks for putting the facts about Abstral on the table. Wise investors will know who is tell the truth.

      Man oh man, Those bashers are crawling out from their Septic Tanks trying to suggest that Abstral does not work. What a bunch of lies from the bashers!

      monty3card peaksisland sanchezdamiel924 People will not be fooled by your evil suggestion!

      I have given your messages "Thumbs" down, and I have pull everyone of you on "Ignore".

      Your "illegal paid manipulators" are afriad that Gale's share price will rise above $2 tomorrow. Let me tell you evil souls. I am going to buy more Gale shares first thing the market opens!!!

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    • Indeed! This is a very accurate information on Abstral.

      Wait till the bashers fabricate some inaccurate information and twist the effectiveness and market potential of this Abstral product.

      Very Strong Buy of Gale Shares!!!

    • Dumbtard. Tell us how Galena is going to COMMERCIALIZE the Abstral product they licensed? Are they going to have to do another financing in order to COMMERCIALIZE or are they going partner with someone who will the COMMERCIALIZATION.

      Galena has never commercialized a drug before.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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