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  • stockwatcher888 stockwatcher888 Mar 25, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    Recent positive development for Gale

    In the last few day, there are 3 very positive developments for Gale:

    (1) Needham, a reputable investment firm gave a buy rating for Gale with a conservative target price of $3.50.

    (2) Roth Capital has up-graded Gale from $5 to $7 target price.

    (3) There is an excellent SA artilce on how effextive Abstral would work for cancer patients who suffer breakthrough pain. The potential U.S. market is $80 million each year. This will generate sufficiant cash flow for Gale to finances the clinical trials of it pipeline drug (NeuVax & Folate Binding Protein) deveoplements with no further need to delute its share price.

    As Gale's share price rises, watch out for manipulators to sell short and then start another wave of bashing to push Gale's price down so that they can buy cheap.

    To prevent bashers to generate volatility of this stock, use a cash account to buy Gale's shares and have them locked so that shorts cannot use your shares!

    Very Strong Buy of Gale shares and hold!

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    • Hey Telecastergary2011 and Mofisher22:

      Excellent comments and thanks for supporting my views!

      What attracted me to Gale is a lot more than the money. NeuVax can save the lives of breast cancer victims. Now, with Abstral, it can help cancer victims suffer much less pain and have the quality of life and dignity before their life end. These are the things which give me strength and endurance to stay with Gale!

      Whoever tries to prevent Gale, NeuVax and Abstral from succeeding are not my cup of tea.

      I have a question to those Gale bashers. If you do have a conscience, would you like to see cancer patients suffer if Gale does not succeed as a result of your bashing just for a few dollars you get from you paid manipulators?

      Am I wrong to think and behave this way? Do I deserve to be attacked by you becasue I have a moral conviction?

    • Bump!

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      • gale

      • I will "bump it "also ,whoever says that GALE doesn't have potential is a nut.I did not say sure winner I said big potential.They have a possible multi,multi million dollar a year product that a lot of people are talking abou and interested because it will help their companies drug pipelinet, Just bought an instant revenue maker,Just got a couple of good upgrades from analysts,pps is slowly rising on double and triple volume a day (a lot of nuts right) positive talk on the wires.6 months from now GALE could be 20 - 25 dollars could be 1 dollar Now if that doesn't tell both sides fairly it will hairlip every cow in Texas. All I know I bought a few more shares that puts my median price at about 1.85 a share. Now call me a pumper but I will stay with it, STAY LONG STRONG TIL PROVEN WRONG. TELLY 2011

      • Agree 100 %. Those 3 recent catalysts have been a game changer for GALE. With mainstream money getting on the GALE bandwagon, it is lights out for the GALE bashers that write unfair and one sided articles attempting to pull the sp down. Would not be surprised to see a quick run into the $3 range. Last year around this time, with less than half the credibility it now has, it traded intraday at $3,50. The old time and loyal longs will soon be validated and rewarded.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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