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  • alisarocky alisarocky Apr 20, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    trading for pennies

    made $8k trading gale. what a sweetie. holding some for the long haul.

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    • I made 50 dollars on my ten shares.

    • You do not have to advertise making only $8K on Gale. A year and a half ago, I bought Gale at around $0.80 per share. I sold all just after NeuVax received its patent at $3.00 a share. After that, Gale dropped back down and I use my proceeds and a bit more money and bought a lot more Gale shares. I have been holding ever since.

      Like what Danindenver33 said, $8K compared to what he and I have made separately is just pocket money. Nothing to cheer about.

      I will be holding my Gale shares for 2 more years and that should give me a return to my investment of at least half a million dollars.

      Hold on to what you have and you may realise a return to your investment far more than $8K in 2 years. This would mean that you trust your own DD and have the patience as an investor should be!

    • wow, i bought in for 1.55 and still looooooong

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • with all due respect, i've elected NOT to "trade" on my GALE shares (which is contrary my customary investing strategies), but have realized considerably more profit on my GALE holdings (assuming i were to liquidate on Monday) than merely $8k. Not to detract nor discount your GALE "trading" successes (more power to you), but GALE has also proved to be an INVESTMENT (long-term hold) capable of some serious returns. My basis is at around $1.40 and i have dedicated about 30% of my portfolio to GALE. I only mention this because those who might be considering a GALE purchase at this time AND who are willing to hold long-term, might realize substantial gains if NeuVax proves again during Phase 3 Trials what it was able to demonstrate during the 60-month long Phase 2 Clinicals. Just a tiny bit of Due Diligence will help even the new GALE prospective investor realize the highly biased Phase 3 clinicals are based entirely upon the Highest Levels Of Successes achieved during Phase 2, and that following more than a decade worth of extensive research conducted by credible, honorable, dedicated physicians and researchers, the probability of NeuVax achieving its Phase 3 objectives is Very Real and significantly higher than 50% (yes, in my opinion). Yes, i am long a hefty batch of GALE shares and Yes, i am optimistically hopeful for a NeuVax Revolution to come about. Respectfully, Dan.

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