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  • la_lost_boy la_lost_boy Apr 22, 2013 4:03 PM Flag

    I like GALE and have bought in past

    At $1.77.. But I think it is a little ahead of itself.. I know there will be a few that call me names and call me short, which is far from the truth..I think GALE's future is extremely bright, but I think we will see at least 1 if not 2 more offerings before we even get close to NDA with FDA... I have made bundles in other bios, MNKD being my most recent, and I called the same thing on them... I bought down low after an offering and killed it.. Check my previous posts.. No Monday morning QB .. Buys posted real time to show when I back up the truck... I love GALE at $1.75-1.90, and although I love gains, I am betting we will pull back below $2 well before we make our big run.. This is my $.02 and I am putting my money where my mouth is.. Remember this post....

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    • These bashers are a joke..baseless bashes always make me laugh.
      We have about 10-15% downside on potential upcoming offering, at which point I will add to my position in a big way... I knew this wins coming months ago.. This is how clinical stage Pharma works...
      I will be post as I buy in the 1.70s and 1.80s.
      If u are long, I would just ride it out and average down when I get the chance.. If u are short u better cover on next dip, because next run takes us to $3 aft offering.. May be 6 months or more to get thee but I am willing to wait for 80%+ or more..

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      • la_lost - you will see Galena file a 424B5 or "prospectus" or "offer document" which is required by and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission before they have an offering. I agree that there will be an offering just not sure when. I am thinking they will have an offering when they release substantial news such as enrollment completion or interim results. They have plenty of $ right now so they do not need to pull the trigger just yet.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Post April 22nd.... Since shelf filing has done what I expected.. Offering is almost a certainty..
      Been in the game for a long while.. This is such a common pattern with clinical stage Pharma it is almost like clockwork... Will be loading up at $1.75-1.90..

    • With Abstral soon on the market, Gale will not need any more offerings (dilutions). Conduct you DD before trying to create unsubstantiated fear!

      Keep on waiting for Gale to drop back to $1.77. I will never get back to this level again.

      Yes! You comment as you rightly put it is only 2 cents worth!

      Very Strong Buy of Gale Shares and hold!!!

    • I like your style, LA: as a matter of philosophical jousting, and of "posting" our respective differences of opinions, i'll go out on the opposing limb. GALE will touch upon $2.80, never having visited $2. And after $2.80, we'll be clear to pass through $3. Several factors upon which i'm relying in viewing my crystal ball: Continued institutional buying; continued analysts recognitions of GALE; continued build of Momentum and Awareness surrounding NeuVax; viable possibilities of announced partnership/s, establishment of sales & marketing, and Ph3 participation numbers; looming possibility of news regarding Ph3 overall progress. Finally, and with all due respect, MNKD is quite an old and a tired dog. Don't get me wrong, i'm sitting on more than 100 MNKD "in-the-money" options at close to 3x my purchase price. But i dare not categorize a potential GALE spark as being anything less than HUGE as compared with the MNKD grind that we've been witness to for Years. So please put my $.02 worth of foolishness right next to yours and we'll tip a pint to the one who ends up most on target. In all other respects, be well and Profitable. Dan

    • who cares

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