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  • washington_cobra washington_cobra May 2, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

    Wheres Stockwatcher888

    Are you taking names and numbers of the septic negative writers?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Hi
      888, the maggot killer is still alive!
      Are you still in the septic tank?
      I thought the maggots ate you alive! Welcome back but take a shower pls and change your clothes!

      It is a mkt idiot, no one steals money from anyone they act voluntarily.
      Stop building castles in the air ($10, $20, $200, moon..). The real potential in NeuVax is years down the road. Until then it will remain a vulnerable stock.
      Until then diferent people will write positive/negative articles. And the shares will go up/down. Get grip on the realities of the markets/ life!
      In the mean time, if you have to blame someone, blame youself for being an idiot! Keep hoping that one of these days the SEC will look at your list. Just hoping!! They have better things to do unlike you....

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      • sara: it is YOU who remains the fool. You're obviously unaware of the extensive historical accoiunting of the (yes, ILLEGAL) manipulations of DNDN shares throughout several years of its trading. As you continue to broadcast your ignorance in the form of attacks upon Stockwatcher, you might take the time to better educate yourself. As we all know, those who are (or who prefer to remain) ignorant of the past are destined to repeat those events which we identify as the MISTAKES of the past. You are, whether knowingly or of your own lack of knowledge, knee-deep in the quagmire of Ignorance. Considering you've evolved from an ancient culture that understands and seeks to appreciate the qualities of "wisdom," have you decided that "wisdom" is simply not relevant to your otherwise over-developed ego?

    • Yes! My last count was 23 and growing. You will see their masters buying. When they have loaded up, those Septic Tank Maggots will suddenly disappear and the share price of Gale will rally. Then they will sell and start the whole manipulation cycle again.

      Some many be shorting within legally limits. However, I am a firm believer that there are many illegal stock manipulations out there. Some will consider me as a fool, because to them, as long as the law has not caught with these criminals, they are OK. Others would think that since these jerks are doing it, why fight it. Why not go with the flow and make money out of such criminal activities?

      I suppose that I do not practice such moral standards. I am not preaching here. Except I feel sad to see so many degenerates doing such things just to steal some money from others.

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      • 888, so was the fool article illegal? They have been pumping for months, now this. 888, what exactly are "they" doing that is illegal, who are these "masters", how do I know you don't have a so called paid master? Look, this is what happens in the market, I was going to sell at 3 the other day, I didn't, wish I would have because I would have loaded up again today. I will tell you that I have bought and sold Gale many times in the last year and have made money every time. If it drops then I will take advantage, nothing illegal about that, or immoral. I buy stock to make money, just like everyone else.

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