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  • gene4346 gene4346 May 3, 2013 10:00 AM Flag

    GALE - The Human Element

    In addition to being a shareholder of GALE stock, I want to see GALE succeed as my sister-in-law has Stage 4 breast cancer. They have already removed one breast and the cancer has spread into her hip so she had a partial hip replacement. Plus, she has cancer in vertebrae T8-T12 and a 6 CM lesion on her liver. Unfortunately, she probably will not live long enough for NeuVax to be of any benefit to her, but maybe others will survive if GALE’s efforts succeed. Last week I escorted her out to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Phoenix for treatment; not a pretty sight and lots of very sick people. Making money is great, but think of the human element too for those of you who enjoy bashing and manipulating the stock price, and take a trip to Phoenix with all of your blood money and maybe you’ll change your perspective on what’s really important in life. How about supporting GALE and let their team focus on saving lives instead of appeasing Wall Street.

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    • Just wanted to inform all "decent" on this MB that my girlfriend's sister lost her battle with cancer (breast - bone - liver) and passed away this weekend (Saturday morning). She was only 46 years old and leaves behind 2 teenage children - 16 year old son and 14 year old daughter. Please keep in your prayers. Where was NeuVax when we needed it................God Bless all and please keep Lanae in your prayers........Thanks, Gene

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    • We all hope this works

    • What kind of sick creatures would ever give this a thumbs down. Pure evil. All of the best to you and your sister-in-law. I hope and pray that everything can turn around for her and she will be able to conquer this.

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    • Thank you (most) everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. Things are relatively unchanged with my sister-in-law at this time, however, my first cousins wife Debbie just passed away this week at the very early age of 45, and you guessed it, from breast cancer. FDA.............please fast-track this thing so we can start saving lives......I can always earn more money, but I cannot replace loved ones................

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    • Gene...I see you have 19 thumbs up and sadly there were 8 low-lifes that gave you thumbs down. What in the heck goes through ones mind to make a deliberate move of the mouse to click thumbs down on your post. Sick!! Lets see how many thumbs down I get. I think that the bashers likely only look to see if someone has a sentiment of Strong Buy and without reading go to the thumbs down and click!

    • Gene4346 and all kind heart members on this Board:

      This is why myself and Danindenver33 have been so very dedicated to play our part in our modest way to help NeyVax arrive at FDA approval and reach the market smoothly and quickly so that it can begin saving the lives of breast cancer patients.

      I have seen first hand that breast cancer can cause so much pain the patients have to endure under "standard treatment" and so much anguish their love ones have to endure. NeuVax can prevent all these from happening.

      Let us all hope that all these bashing and shorting will not deter or delay NeuVax from entering the market.

      Best wishes to your sister-in-law!

    • GENE ,Those #$%$ CLOWNS the 8 thumbs down I said I would never wish cancer on anyone because I have had it 3 times from 2008 to 2011 cancer free now.I wish those 8 would get cancer GOD just has to forgive on that one. It is the worst feeling you can imagine.I have been asked what it was like radiation and chemo. The radiation makes you feel like you are not really here hazy,your mind blurry ,just out of it.CHEMO 3 kinds the worst CARBO-PLATINUM 454 Imagine bad flu symtoms multiply them by 3 for 13 weeks then slowly 2 months you get back to being 80% of your old self. Then TARCEVA and last ERBITUX BY IM CLONE. Then slowly start coming back to 80% of your old self you are never you again. No saliva glands,no taste,didn't speak and ate through a pec tube for almost 2 years. Your 8 heartless no good lowlifes wait til you or a loved one gets it you will stop your silly nonsense.GOD BLESS your sister good luck TELLY

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      • Telecaster...just now reading your post. I replied earlier to Gene, but what you posted about the lowlifes is what I was thinking. I wish you continued good health. Seems that breast cancer is hitting closer to home than I've ever known. Years ago, none of my friends talked about breast cancer and I now have two 1st cousins that have had breast cancer. NeuVax likely has a huge market and I'm praying that it helps survivors.

    • Stocktrader888 and I had a nice thread regarding this aspect of investing in GALE a while back. I lost a sister to cancer and know first hand how broad a vicious brush it spreads. It was over a decade ago when we lost her. Particularly given the remarkable results of Nuvax thus far, it makes the posters who spread vicious outright LIES so despicable and deserving of everyones' contempt.

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    • Good to see there are still upstanding people in this world. Great story. Good luck to your sister.

    • A very touching and human story!

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