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  • sarathsathkumara sarathsathkumara May 23, 2013 6:07 PM Flag

    Today's Spike

    It is possible that today's spike would have caused by an interview Dr. Echo He, an analyst with Maxim Group, conducted with "The Life Science Report" The report was released around 2pm EST. In the interview, Dr. He discussed GALE, THLD and CELG.

    She thought GALE's P3 has a good chance of being successful. She also raised her target price for GALE 20%, from $5 to $6, after the Abstral acquisition. She thought GALE tends to be overlooked because investors do not have anything to follow.

    Dr. He seems to be well qualified in her field. she has a MD from Beijing University, Phd in Medical Sciences from Univ of Toledo and MBA from Univ of Chicago.

    My posting is not intended for Danin or 888 AKA as the toilet cleaner. Dr. He is Chinese and I do not expect you two to put any value on what she has to say. There are negative posters in China too!

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    • it is possible that today's spike would have caused by an interview??????????????????????
      u sound like a mumbling, bumbling fool to me ya stuttering #$%$ ya
      my guess is that your not very understandable when speaking English either judging from your id name
      u also seem to be most annoying and are probably very controlling just my guess
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    • for educational purposes, where did you find this interview? I haven't seen it anywhere and would like to know for future investment purposes. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Fraudsec

      I think the mgmt. is doing a good job. They are doing the right things and Gale has sufficient analyst coverage. But most of the analysts who cover Gale are from small firms. Small firms do not have a large institutional following. Coverage by a heavy weight like Goldman, Morgan Stanley, or Merrill will help them.

      Gale's MC of $200mm and the $3 stock price is a problem. A $0.5bn MC cap and $5 plus stock price will get lot more attention by inst. investors. If you look at the inst. holder profile (still under 10%) you can see that. Other than Morgan Stanley, Goldman most of the other holders are index funds/hedge funds. Few hedge funds, such as AQR, Perkins already exited.

      Dr. He is some what right that there is nothing much to compare with Gale when it comes to cancer vaccines. There are few approved ones but none that I can think of as a real commercial success. DNDN is a failure in my view.

      Good interim results will help Gale drastically. I think the stock could go to $10 in my view with good numbers. Other than that there are not many near term catalysts until P3 which is due end 2016.

      A deal can help the stock. I won't be surprised if Roche, Teva or anyone else buying a 10-25% stake in Gale and try to get to know the company before making a big investment. At the moment Teva is doing it w/out much cash outlay. I think Roche got the most to lose if they miss buying Gale due to Heceptin. NeuVax is their best opportunity to extend that patent. Most big firms (BMY, NOV, ROCHE, PFE) are into cancer and Gale is in the right space.


    • Sarah - thank you for the post. I will be sure to read. In your opinion, what should Galena be doing differently not to be overlooked? What does mgmt need yo be doing differently? They have been attending conferences and have had a consistent message. Thanks.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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