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  • auslandermann auslandermann May 29, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

    The Market

    Is the market betting against the ASCO results? If great results are expected (hopefully I'm not the only one thinking this) why isn't that being priced in. Shouldn't we be at least a bit higher in the 2.60's this close?

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    • Thanks for the input everyone. I think perhaps I had short term expectations for a long term hold. I have re-read several of the scientific papers from the PH-II. Results are really amazing (in spite of poor N numbers due to drops and group clustering) and warrant running the PH-III. I personally think the results are real, and the phase PHIII design will tease the accurate answer out one way or another. Let's hope for the patient that the answer is success. Does anyone have a solid guess on when interm results might be posted, it is based upon number of reportable events correct?

    • Aus: Yours is an excellent question. I've pondered the same during the past year. I've accomplished extensive review & research of data & of the individuals who comprise the inner core of Galena. Never seeking nor acting upon "insider information," these are my conclusions: To the chagrin of some in the investment community, we, the investors in Galena, can be proud of the leadership and the character of Dr. Ahn. Dr. Ahn most often distances himself from, and has steered clear of the oft-times "stock promoter" activities associated with "promotional-styles" of other Bio and high-tech CEOs. You might, for example, review the actions of MNKD leadership to appreciate my comment. We might "wish" for rapid clinical results, but we must acknowledge and accept the "scientific method" demands a certain "process" which takes time and effort. As that scientific method is applied to human medical science, there are further ethical & moral considerations that must be respected. Bottom line: NeuVax, albeit a HUGE potential and possibly of a magnitude of "good" that may re-define certain cancer-treatment modalities, must continue through those "processes" as defined by (in this case) the FDA. I am of the "belief" that Galena mgmt is keenly aware of the power and the potential of NeuVax, but that each member of the Galena team has been cautioned to NEVER over-express the science and the data of NeuVax. They intuitively KNOW they're sitting on a potential powder-keg and they are making absolutely positively sure that not a single member of the team acts in any manner that might be construed as "inappropriate" per the strictest guidelines of the FDA and of the SEC. They know their power potential, they're intelligent, systematic, pragmatic, professional and conservatively appropriate in what they "say" and what they properly "withhold." These are people whom we can trust and who are dedicated to offering NeuVax the best possible chance of proving itself. Respectfully, Dan

    • The one year chart looks a bit better than a one week chart oh wise one! This is normal price consolidation after a run up.

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    • ozlander May 29, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

      Are you for real? You sound like a 19 year old on crystal meth.

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